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Free Series 3 Club Penguin Coin Code Contest Giveaway!

Hey Everyone! Yesterday, I was able to score 2 new Club Penguin Series 3 Coin Codes, and I have decided to give one away just in case you haven’t been able to unlock any of the Series 3 items yet! This Contest is pretty hard and it will require a few minutes to complete. I will tell you the details about the contest, but before that I will tell you what the contest is about and what you will have to do. For this contest you need to know club penguin like the back of your mind. Because you will have to guess the room. But, There’s a twist! I have Edited the photos. So it is much more harder than expected. Check Them Out.

Room 1


Room 2


Room 3


Room 4


Room 5


Dont Worry If You Dont know a certain one, Just guess it! Alright, now here are all of the details for the contest. In order to win, you must Find Out what rooms are shown Above and answer them Correctly. The winner will be chosen randomly, but you MUST have all of questions answered correctly! So be sure to check your answers over once you think you have finished! The contest will end on either on friday or saturday of next week, so be sure to check back during that time! Also, I will be deleting the answers once people have commented them. So that people dont cheat and copy your answers!

-Salty, Club Penguin Cheats Blog Owner.


126 Responses

  1. 1 is dojo
    2 is mine
    3 is ski village
    4 is town
    5 is docks

  2. 1- Dojo Courtyard
    2-Mine Shack
    3- Ski Village
    4- Town
    5- Dock

    I Really want to win!

  3. room 5 is the town
    room 4 is the ice-berg
    room 3 is the ski village
    room 2 is the mine
    room 1 is the dojo

  4. photo 5 is the stage

    photo 3 is the ski village

    photo 1 is the dojo

    photo 2 is the mine

    photo 4 is the dock i thinck

  5. 1. Dojo Courtyard
    2. Mine Shack
    3. Ski Village
    4. Beacon
    5. Dock

  6. Room #1: Dojo Courtyard
    Room #2: Mine Shack
    Room #3: Ski Village
    Room #4: Town
    Room #5: Gift Shop

  7. Dojo Courtyard, Mine Shack, Ski Village, Town???, and Dock Hope I win email me if I do, Thanks 😀

  8. 1- Dojo Courtyard
    2-Mine Shack
    3- Ski Village
    4- Town
    5- Dock

    Hope I win!

  9. 1- Dojo courtyard
    3-Ski village near the ski lodge
    5-beach (rockhopper’s ship)

  10. pls can i have a toy code i have no friends no items if i get it ill be actually a cool person on cp i bet most of the probaly have items besides me pls im begging you to give me a toy code

  11. Room #1: Dojo Courtyard
    Room #2: Mine Shack
    Room #3: Ski Village
    Room #4: Umm….Town??? (Close up to the gift shop?)
    Room #5: Gift Shop

    I hope I win!! I made it all clear and good to see. I never had a coin code before. I also joined in Club Penguin during September 2007 around the fall fair. Since then I never had a membership. So I am just glad I entered this contest, to get a chance for my own….. 😦 But at least this was a super fun contest! I love your site!

  12. dojo courtyard mine shack sports shop gifts shop and the cabin

  13. hey Salty can i borrow one of your pictures?

  14. room three is mine

  15. ~Good luck to everybody else who entered this contest~

  16. Oh btw Happy 4TH Of July :]

  17. Hey okay I’m commenting about the contest. Okay here I go heres the answers :]

    Answers Removed!

    My eyes are a natural lol :] I never gotten a coin code but this contest was fun email me the code if I win thanks!

  18. Answers Removed!

  19. Answers Removed!

    If I Win Email me christoffer-madsen@hotmail.com
    -Dark Wonder

  20. Answers Removed!


  21. Answers Removed!

    DID I WIN??

  22. Answers Removed!

  23. Answers Removed!

  24. Answers Removed!

  25. Answers Removed!

    Cool contest too!

  26. Hey Salty. Do you make posts on Marciux’s blog? I thought you became an author there. Just wonderin’ because I haven’t seen you on his blog…. 😀

    ~Double Mvp~

  27. when is it gonna be over?

  28. Answers Removed!

  29. How do you make these?

  30. i hope i win cause the closed the toys r us where i live soo i can never get a coin code soo plz i hope i win! ) :

  31. Hey Vegas! You have the coolest CP blog because your quick to update, and your blog just rocks!
    Here are my answers: Hope I win because it takes me 3 hrs. to get to the nearest Toys-r-us!

    Answers Removed!

    Hope I answered correctly. Waddle on!

    ~Double Mvp~

  32. Answers Removed!

  33. Answers Removed!


  34. Answers Removed!

    Please!!! I Hope I Win!!! I Need a Coin Code!!!

  35. Answers Removed!

    4 & 5 are guesses. I don’t think I’ll win. 😦

  36. Cool! I just got back from vacation.

    Answers Removed!

    I hope I win!


  38. Answers Removed!

    Email Me if I Win

  39. hope i win!

  40. Answers Removed!

  41. oops, i answered it two times by accident, srry salty, my answers are my first answers, srry about that

  42. Answers Removed!

    I hope I win I neve rhad a series 3!!! email me at Jrox2900@comcast.net! if im tied, I call winner! ill add you!!



  43. Answers Removed!

    I hope I win I neve rhad a series 3!!! email me at Jrox2900@comcast.net! if im tied, I call winner! ill add you!!

  44. i have the answers so email me if i win

  45. i have the answers so email me if i win
    ps this site rocks

  46. YO SALTY! Luvin the site man.

    Answers Removed!

    I think i got them all rightt! xDD Please PLLZ E-mail lilledger11@hotmail.co.uk If IF IF IF IF IF IF i win (: Hope soo…


    luv yu salty ( NOT IN THT WAY )


  47. nevermind

  48. How come my answers arent here?

  49. Answers Removed!

  50. Answers Removed!

    ~ 8) Woff 8) ~

  51. Answers Removed!

    EASY SALTY number 4 was kinda hard

  52. Answers Removed!

  53. remove mine fast!!

  54. Answers Removed!

    I Hope I Win!


  55. Answers Removed

    Must be the lighthouse or someones igloo?!?!

  56. Answers Removed!

  57. Answers Removed!

  58. Hey its me Munny1 from cpcheats101.com and here Are My Answers!!

    Answers Removed!

  59. Answers Removed!

    If I win, please email me. Thanks!

  60. remove mine fast please!

  61. Hey! Well, Here Are My Answers:

    Answers Removed!

    E-Mail Me If I Win The Coin Code! Thanks (:

  62. Answers Removed!

  63. Answers Removed!
    Please Delete the answers quick Bro!

    ~Salty’s Bro xD

  64. Answers Removed!

  65. Answers Removed!

    If I win please email me at my email 😉

  66. Hey Everyone! I just want to say! If anyone has exaclty the rip of anyone elses comment whos Answers Hasnt Been Removed! I will Not let them win the code. Also, I will be putting the comments under moderation 🙂

    -Salty, Club Penguin Cheats Blog Owner.

  67. Answers Removed!


  68. Answers Removed!

  69. Answers Removed!

  70. Answers Removed!

    Thanks that was fun!

    P.S If you ever need help on the blog just ask me.

  71. Answers Removed!

    I hope I win! lol

  72. hope I win!!! is it like rounds?

  73. Answers Removed!


  74. Answers Removed!

    I think I got them all right! If I win please send code to tommy1927@live.ie

  75. Hey! Jacquo here! Nice site as well. I will add you to my blogroll. You are quite successful!

    -Jacquo,Jacquo’s Club Penguin Cheats Blog Owner

  76. Answers Removed!

  77. can you move the answers quickly thanks salty your the best

  78. Answers Removed!

    yo dude ill hope you pick me please ill give you a free member penguin

  79. Answers Removed!

    Looks like alot of winners!
    But you know, it could happen 😉



    Answers Removed!


  81. Hey They might be looking at my answers because Mine was the first that is not edited and still has the answers there! 😦

    I am sorry about that. I have just gone onto the computer and realised that i havnt removed lots of people’s Answers! But i have now 😀

  82. Answers Removed!

  83. Awesome site! I would love it if you could check out mine at

  84. Answers Removed!

  85. Answers Removed!


  86. Answers Removed!


  87. Answers Removed!

    By Frosono

  88. Answers Removed!

  89. Answers Removed!

  90. Answers Removed!

  91. Answers Removed!

  92. Answers Removed!

    -Pink Ster

  93. Answers Removed!

  94. Answers Removed!

  95. Hello Salty! Thank you for checking out my website! I have added you to my blogroll.

  96. please! i need hits…can u make a post about me?

  97. Answers Removed!

  98. Do you have a css?

  99. hey salty i was lookin round ur site and its awesome


  100. Answers Removed!

  101. Answers Removed!

    Plz Add This To My Other Comment! Coutn It In There Thanks!

  102. Answers Removed!

    I think I aced it! I hope I win! Also, please go to cowtail5sarmy.com for sweet cpcheats!

  103. Also Thanks Salty for visiting my site!

  104. Answers Removed!

  105. Answers Removed!

  106. Answers Removed!

    If i win can you email me at http://www.timkyleyu@yahoo.com

  107. Answers Removed!
    If i win email me at jason9173@gmail.com bye!

  108. Woops! I meant “I am making this a wild guess”

  109. Answers Removed!

  110. awesome site! it’s so cool that you give away free coin codes! if you have time, i would be honored if you were to check out my website:
    I have Club Penguin Cheats too and a little on some cool animals!

  111. Answers Removed!

    number 4 was hard

  112. Answers Removed!

  113. I can add you on my website! It’s a good idea because I get over 100 hits a day! Love your website!

  114. Answers Removed!

  115. Answers Removed!

    Awesome site! 😀


  116. Answers Removed!

  117. Answers Removed!

  118. Answers Removed!

  119. Answers Removed!

  120. Answers Removed!

  121. Answers Removed!

  122. Answers Removed!


  123. Answers Removed!

    If you make me win I ‘ll give you a penguin with four coin codes called 27ht

  124. Answers Removed!

    Also go to — for your latest Club Penguin cheats!

  125. Answers Removed!

  126. Answers Removed!

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