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Remembering Sensei's First Apperance In Club Penguin!

Hey Everyone! Today, I thought we should take a trip down memory Lane to The Time When We Didnt Know Who Sensei Was, What He Was Doing Or Why He Was Here! Alright, Sensei is going to show up in the Ninja Hideout this weekend, But do you remember when Sensei first came? Well, there are many of you who may not know how Sensei made his first appearance on Club Penguin. It was just after Halloween 2008, and a horrible storm hit Club Penguin. The storm was fiercest on the mountaintops, and the snow-covered Dojo was struck by lightning! We had to help fix the dojo, which including fixing the hole from the lightening and the tons of snow ontop of the Dojo. After this, The Dojo Courtyard was revealed.


So we all went out it, after showing out spooky spirits and being whiped out from the crazy halloween party where we got our first chance to meet Gary, We all worked together with hard hats and dug out the Dojo. The Club Penguin Community noticed that while digging there was a mysterious penguin who was digging 24 hours a day. Nobody knew who he was, All we saw was a penguin who looked like this.


So everyone was curious to who this was. A couple of weeks later after we fixed up the Dojo, Sensei revealed his identity; He had been living on Club Penguin, and had finally chosen to make himself known! He sent out a notice saying he was looking for Ninjas and thats when Card Jitsu had been created. I earned all my belts in a total of 4 days, and I am now a black belt! Thanks Sensei for the great training!

-Salty, Club Penguin Cheats Blog Owner.


6 Responses

  1. Thanks for coming to my party Salty! Your were funny out there! One of your biggest fan GH Midori GH!

  2. Hey Everyone! Nice Site Salty! Keep Up The Good Work Salty! 😉

    If YOU Keep Up The Good Work, Then I’ll Keep Visiting! = D

    Cya Later Salty Brother! 😉


  3. Oh yes i remember when sensei first appeared in club penguin! There was a lot of snow beleive me you could hardly see the way out!!!! And when sensei first appeared he wore different clothes than he has now!!! Check it out!


  4. PLZ FIX MY HEADER!!!! i’ve been asking u for days just look at it it’s off place!! help me get it back plz!!!!!!!!

  5. Makee Deleted The Post That He Copied Off Me No Charges Pressed Now 🙂

  6. it took me 4 days, too!!

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