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Club Penguin Contest: Series 3 Coin Code Contest Winner!

Update: I am Having a Quickiee Party Today! At 9:00 A.M Penguin Standard Time! At SnowFall, Dock! Please Come!

Hey Everyone! I know Tons Of You Are Dying To Know The Winner Of The Series 3 Coin Code, So today i am going to Announce The Winner! There was over 100 Entries For The Contest and 71 of you got them all Correct, Which Made It Harder For Me To Pick Just One Winner. I took note of all those penguins with the answers Correct and added a sticker with there name on into a hat. I picked one out randomly.

Series 3 Coin Code!

Firstly, There was lots of great answers and there was lots of struggle of what room picture 4 was. I can tell you that it was the beacon. If You Look back at the picture you will see. Alright, The Winner Of The Series 3 coin code Contest is…Savour442! I have sent the winner an E-mail So They Can Claim There Prize. I am very Sorry If You Didnt Win, But There’s Always a next time! I may be holding a series 2 contest very soon! What Do You Think! Comment Your Thoughts!

-Salty, Club Penguin Cheats Blog Owner.


13 Responses

  1. gamingupdate.wordpress.com The latest news about games

  2. COOL

  3. When are you going to post the party things?


  4. Ok just comment it on my Blog. Sweet Party

  5. You need to add me to your blog roll your on mine

  6. what was the forth one in the contest?

  7. awwww…i lost…i am so sad i was hoping to unlock one of my universal signitures for my blog so i dont have to be a member to wear it…awww

  8. You started blogging a couple of months ago. How did you get so many hits? I have been blogging longer please help me!

  9. add me to to ur blog roll

  10. Hey dude I featured you in my newest post go check it out! http://www.darthpuckie.wordpress.com

  11. Hey! Thanks for the aswome party! Please comment on my blog. And i will add you to my blog roll can your site?

  12. Awww.. i wanted to win but Big congratulations to Savour because there was a very big amount of enterys and you have won the grand prize!!.

    Keep up the great work as always salty and Congratulations Savour 🙂

  13. man i really wanted it but i didnt win great job savour

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