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Salty's Club Penguin Quickie Party 2009 – Review!

Hey Everyone! That Was a Pretty Awesome Quickie Party We Had! It Was My First Ever Club Penguin Quickie Party! I released The Info About The Party On My Twitter. So if you missed Out, Start Following Me On Twitter. Alright, Thanks To Everyone Who Came you made my first quickie Party The Best Ever. Here’s The Review Of Salty’s Club Penguin Quickie Party 2009.

Look At These Awesome Pictures I took During The Party!




Those Are All The Pictures I managed To Take! Were You In Any Of Those Pictures? Comment Your Answer! It was a very Cool Party, I sent out tons of postcards, Some People’s Mail Boxes Were Full So I couldnt Send You One. If You Want a postcard Next Time. Delete some Mail! I added Over 7 Penguins To My Buddy List. Was You One Of Them? I Couldnt Get Any Featured Penguins PlayerCards But I have got some names.

1. DarthPuckie

2. Mrkrabs987

3. Kasper616

Those Are All The Featured Penguins. Please Dont Get Upset If You Didnt Get Picked! There’s Always a next Time! Lots Of Penguins Were There and I just want to say a big Thank You To Everyone! So, What Did You Think of My First Quickie Party? Comment Your Thoughts!

-Salty, Club Penguin Cheats Blog Owner.


25 Responses

  1. it has to be moderated

  2. Wheres my comment

  3. Hey Salty i remeber this party it was cool.
    Quickie Party LOL!!!


  4. Hey Salty i remember this party it was cool.
    Quickie Paty LOL!!!

  5. this one and add me back on the site

  6. Guys, I really Need Your Help! Do You Like This CSS or The Old CSS better?

  7. Salty is this CSS?

  8. Nice theme can you tell me how you got it ?

  9. hi salty you rock !

  10. I email them all the time for help.

  11. Email wordpress

  12. Also I have i new penguin Puckie619

  13. Awww i wasnt there! thats so annoying! I was at a competition quite far away from where i live 😦 😦 😦 :(:( 😦 😦 😦 😦

  14. lol u spelt my name rong it is kasper916 not 616 lol

  15. email in my comment

  16. Put me on your blog roll ur on mine

  17. Im still gonna work on mine too

  18. Team! Famous! We could be team Club Penguin Cheats!

  19. Thats what I want add me to your site i wanna be a team

  20. I made a new video on yt do you have a channel? If you do sub me. And I advertised your blog in my description

  21. add me to your blog roll

  22. I can make you a aswome header if you like

  23. I just want to work on your site not make it both of yours.

  24. LOL that was great!Best little party ever!I was in all of them photos lol!


  25. Dude that was the most fun party! oh,yeah. Im lordofeddys! 🙂 It was really cool!

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