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Bl is hacked!!!

Hi dudes and dudets,

Bl was hacked!!!! Thats right

i was on cp, he told me to go on to clone chat (xat.com/clone787)

Then, he said this. Dude, im hacked!!!

I was like never!

Also, sorry to say. If you were on bls buddy list, you will probably be removed. I’m sad to have to post this. I only went on cp because dorian was on! Then i noticed bl wasn’t on my list!!!

We have contacted cp and this is why we need more members of the PAH, if you want to join, click the pah page. If you are in the PAH please, please, please try and investigate. If this hack happens to any other worker here we will be tracking I.P. adrresses then watching their activity. If you have had a similar hack please email me, fast! My email is taddle1@clone787.com

I have it open whenever im on the computer, and that is a lot of the time.



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10 Responses

  1. hmmmmm ok then, did you contact club penguin though? if u didnt, then mention me so they know who was hacked
    Agent15642:I’m pretty sure Taddle1 mensioned you!
    Taddle1 Says: I am working on a letter right now

  2. Well not all of my buddies were deleted, just all of them that work on clone 787.com, that i find weird,then the hacker bought me a bunch of girl stuff and use a lot of my money, then changed my igloo to pink with pink carpet.
    Taddle1 Says: This is very serious, I think he was jealous of the clobe787.com team!
    I will continue investigating and I will make sure it is vital that cp find the hacker

  3. want proof alex best friend in clubpenguin is nitregwin and he got deleted why would alex delete nitregwin if they were best friends?
    Alex Bl 17 says:Correction! I would Never Delete Nitregwin, and he would never delete me! (dont ask why i am responding to the comment, i was never dleted you know, besides, this is an impostant post for me and my penguin)

  4. Hmm hacking is real Dorian1453 and I’ve seen videos to investigate on Youtube and Google!
    Dorian1453 says:
    He has no proof that he was hacked. He makes us believe that a hacker deleted all his buddies… PROOF PLEASE!

  5. Hey. That is the reason i quit cp! I was hacked. But i used the clubpenguin investigation system. (Hard to explain) And i got my penguin back but i didnt wanna take the risk of being hacked again so I gave it to my friend.

  6. oh thats why you asked me to add you again! and also i have been hacked before so i email cp and they fixed it! (someone chaged my password!)so they sent me a new password

  7. o wait i should read more of the post

  8. no look on his blog it said someone hacked alex bl 17 he mean i got hacked and dorian he didnt remove you someone hacked in his account and they almost remove everybody he not hacking
    Taddle1 Says: That is why you’re in the PAH!

  9. Hmm that’s what I was wondering I’m not on his buddy list either!That’s terrible that Alex Bl 17 got hacked!Good thing I’m joined in P.A.H!
    Dorian1453 says:
    I don’t think he got hacked… I just don’t believe these rumors. Sorry, but I just can’t belive this junk. 😉
    Taddle1 Says: Calm Down people. I have it under control. I can almost guarantee that the hacker will no longer be able to reach the Club Penguin website using ip address blockers. I will work with cp to do this! Oh and dorian, He was hacked. He has nearly no buddys at all. I’ll even track the hack with cp, then you’ll have proof. Oh, and by the way (again) I’ts not like I’m not going to believe bl. He always tells the truth.

  10. Hmm… I was wondering why he wasn’t on my buddy list! Because I never delete my buddies! Alex Bl 17, change your password NOW!!!
    Taddle1 Says: He has!!! But we’re worried the hacker used Password Finder (I’m pretty sure theres one in storm)

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