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Ninja Hideout!

Hey Ninjas!

There’s so much buzz about ninjas, and there’s so much to catch up, because I’m still on vacation and I can’t post much… But, I met Sensei and he’s funny!! But… He doesn’t always talk in Haiku. Have you noticed the package of Puffle Trading Cards? His second line is less than 7 syllables!!! BAM! I just noticed something you probably didn’t. 😉

If you’re a ninja, you can buy some bracers and become a cloud before you DISSAPEAR! (You must be a ninja…) POUF! Wait, was that supposed to happen? Anyways…

Sensei is picking blueberries that’s why he’s no longer online.. I wish blueberries were never invented.. 😐



One Response

  1. Cool!Also orian1453 can you please make me an editor?Please!Taddle said he will on Monday morning,but he never did!

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