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Possible “The Splatter” Preview + Sensei Edit?!

Hey Penguins!

Somebody asked me to do a Sensei Edit and I was like “Impossible!” but then I used my special powers to produce THIS:


What do you think? I bet I can even do an edit for EVERY character for example: Aunt Arctic, Rockhopper, etc! You can even order a character in Dream Penguinz… So, get dreamin’!

I also made a preview of what “The Splatter” may look like on Dorian1453 😉 :




12 Responses

  1. item:beta hat item:jetpack item:red cape color:aqua and plz go to my site


  3. Oh and can i be a super member with the star
    Agent15642:Dorian1453 will do that if he can!Also can you please orde on the Dream Penguin page!Thanks!

  4. Head Item: Beta Hat
    Face Item: Green Sunglasses
    Neck Item Orange and yellow lai
    Body Item: Orange Rare Life Jacket
    Hand Item: Orange Water Wings
    Feet Item: Black Pirate Shoes
    Username: Locall
    Coins: 1000000
    Backround: Sea Monster
    Pin: Saint Pactricks day Pin
    Please Put my Dream Penguin on and if you can, add me standing and my playercard. Thanks very much.
    Agent15642:Dorian1453 is busy at the momment,but he’ll make your Dream Penguin as soon as possible and when it’s done it will be on the Dream Penguinz page!

  5. they should slpatter a little more : P

  6. ok what is it
    Agent15642:The chat’s link is http://xat.com/clone787!

  7. How do you order a Dreamz Penguin?
    Agent15642:You just order what your penguin should wear and then Dorian1453 will make it as soon as possible!

  8. Cool preview of your self wearing the Splatter!

  9. Dorian or Taddle if you’re online please go on the forums chat!

  10. Lol- speacial powers
    Agent15642:That is funny isn’t it!

  11. Cool,but why didn’t you put the member badge on Sensei!

  12. what the site

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