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New Club Penguin "Penguins Around The World" Section!

Check This Out, Club Penguin Added a Whole New Section To The Club Penguin Blog Called “Penguins Around The World” Its Where You Take Pictures Of Your Club Penguin Toys In an Intresting Place or in your BackYard. Club Penguin Will Be Updating The Page Every Thursday. Maybe They Will Come Out In The Newspaper? I might Take a Picture Of My Fireman Toy Next To This Massive Statue I have Outside My House. Club Penguin Said You Have To Be Creative With This Because There Are So Many, They Will Just Pick The Best Ones Because They Cant Show Them All. Also, If You Dont Have a Toy Puffle Or Figure. You Can Make Your Own Up! Here’s a Club Penguin Picture That Has Already Been Sent In. Its My Favorite! Check It Out.


Dont Ask Me Why I like This One? It Might Be Because I Like Water Parks and It Looks Like This Ones In a Water Park. In other News Guess What Won The Top Design Poll? The Splatter! I wanted The Tux-T to win But Still The Splatter Was Very Cool And I am Glad That Won And Not The MoonDrop. The Top Will Arrive In Next Weeks New Penguin Style Catalog! I Cant Wait. Can You?


Pretty Cool Huh? Oh and I am Really Sorry That This Post Is Sorter Late. I have been Working So Hard On The CSS and Widgets. But I can Now Officaly Tell You That The CSS and Widgets Are All Done. If You Look On The Sidebar You Will See 3 Pages Have Been Added. Please Check Them Out. I will Be Adding More Awesome Pages Soon! So Please Keep Checking Back For More!

-Salty, Club Penguin Cheats Blog President

12 Responses

  1. Ha, I think that section is very different.


  2. Salty you should put a Salty Tracker on the left hand side of ur web lol coz ur so famous and from what i saw last night at the party, BOY the rooms will be full.

  3. Hey salty nice header youve JUST updated it and im on Snowcap now

  4. Hey Salty. Go on aim right now. I wanna talk to you.

  5. Hey Salty! I got your comment from white’s site so now im visiting your site. Awesome site dude! Its great! Maybe we can talk on aim. My aim is yankeez010 and I think yours is cpsalty12. So I will aim you when you sign on. You rock dude! See Ya!

  6. Btw search webosaurs and join and meet me there sometime!

  7. Salty i have found a really good place for penguins from cp to hangout the website is Webosaurs its your chance to be a beta because new beta items coming soon!

  8. Hey Salty! i’m sorry for the advertising!

    ~Double Mvp~

  9. kooool site!!!! i was on Md Girl 314’s site and saw ur comment

  10. Very AWESOME!!!!! Site you have here, thanks for stopping by mine and commenting!!!!

  11. Awesome this will be great because i have lots of interesting places around my area but the only club penguin soft toy we have is my sisters ballerina penguin :/ yea i know but i have some plastic ones

  12. Lol I thought they were adding a new color to penguins.

    ~ |Global|

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