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Clone 787 Update

Hey Everyone!!

I quit but i just want to post to say “Hi” Authors I’m a bit dissapointed There is lack of  Updates.I am looking for authors with expierience send your resume to redrocket@live.ie Authors please post because anyone who doesn’t post for 2 weeks (Except Dorian because he brought this site to a high strandard) will be removed.And please post the Updates fast and quick.Please authors The more you Update and views we get The more I’ll post.This is random but REAL MADRID ARE TRAINING IN MAYNOOTH IN IRELAND KILDARE AND THATS ONLY LIKE 15 MILES AWAY FROM WHERE I LIVE!!!!!!!!!! 😀

-Clone 787


9 Responses

  1. i want to be a clone how do i do it

  2. Hello!

    Clone787 im your buddy on CP can you please E-mail me at: justdoodiepics@gmail.com!! I wanna talk with you!!

  3. Nice blog. It is completely filled with stuff. Check out the games section and the cars section of this blog because they are pretty cool…


    Also check out the two contests on the home page…

  4. I’ll post more updates
    I’ve had experience for more than 2 years!
    My email is betacarter96@yahoo.com
    Agent15642:Please fill out this from at this link if you would like to join our team: http://taddle1.info/clone787.com/worker_form.html!Thanks you!

  5. I wanna be an author clone
    I sent you an email!
    Agent15642:If you want to be an author,please fill out this form on this link: http://taddle1.info/clone787.com/worker_form.html!Please fill out the from and Dorian1453 or Taddle1 will make the decsion!

  6. hello this is jazzy gears am i aloud to work on this sitew clone quit he was my best buddy BUT CAN I WORK ON THE SITE
    Agent15642:Well,Clone787 has quit Club Penguin and Blogging Club Penguin Cheats,but he’s still here!If you want to work here you have to apply at this link: ( http://taddle1.info/clone787.com/worker_form.html )Please fill out the form on that link and Dorian1453 and Taddle1 will make the decision!Also we want experienced workers!Thank you!

  7. Yay its clone!!!!!!!!!!! if you didnt know clone i quit, but i am also seeing a big lack of updates, and we have a lot of authors that never post like anthony and bdffgh. Have a happy rest of your life clone 😉
    Unidentified was removed and anthony quit\
    Alex Bl 17 says: Yes it is clone! Wait… why am i responding to myself? 😆

    Anthony: Exuse me alex bl 17? I quit clubpenguin. Since when do you post, wise guy? Im not trying to be mean.

  8. clone, i wasn’t actually hired for posting! So don’t even think about moaning at me!!! Also I am the one who keeps this site safe, COMPLETELY! I even have contact with wordpress just for security checks every week

  9. Ok!Sure Clone787 I’ll post more and I’m not sure about Taddle posting more!Lol!!!

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