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Please Follow Me On Twitter!

Alright, So Basically My Old Twitter Has Gone Weird. I have Tried To Fix The Problem But My Updates Keep Getting Over Taken By Pop – Ups. This Means, I Have Had To Make a New Twitter. You Can Visit It Here! Here’s How To Follow Me On Twitter.

  1. Create An Account On Twitter. Click Here To Create One!
  2. Go To My Twitter Page at www.twitter.com/Cpsalty2
  3. Click On The “Follow” Button On My Twitter Page.


Thanks So Much Guys! Also, If I Reach a Certain Amount Of Followers On Twitter. I might give out a Prize To One Lucky Follower, Choosen Randomly.

-Salty, Club Penguin Cheats President


13 Responses

  1. Awesome blog post, thanks for keeping me busy!

  2. Ok thanks salty

  3. Hi Salty Whats a CSS? Because Loads Of Ppl Keep Saying It!

    Salty Says: CSS is a type of upgrade which you can buy for your blog. This upgrade allows you to add custom CSS to customize any theme on this current blog. This is recommended mostly for advanced users who understand CSS. My CSS is Blue. I would Make It Green, Red, Yellow Any Color You Can Think

  4. Hey Salty, again. As I visited your site today I fell in love with your css. I have completely re-created on my own time. If you would like me to give you credit then I would be happy too. If there’s anything else I can do for you please comment back.



  5. Hey Salty, thanks alot for the compliment! I’ve spent alot of time changing the blog up and looks like it was worth it.

    Very nice blog of your own, by the way.


  6. Hey, thanks for the awesome comment! Your site has changed too, you have got a fabulous CSS. Well Done.

    Im doing free WordPress domains, but it is quite hard so you have to add me at limitedgenius@live.co.uk

    Do you mind if you can let me work here? As an author, or if you’re really cool, as an admin.

  7. Hey Salty.Thanks for your Nice comment.Me and fotis have worked hard to make this site Better and better.You Have an Awesome Site too.I Love your Design.Btw Do you have an Aim or Msn?Comment Back

  8. Wowie! Ur blog looks great! 😀
    The new CSS really makes a big difference…
    Wanna be on my blogroll?
    I already have you on mine

  9. Hey can you add us 2 your blogroll
    ~CT club penguin cheats president~

  10. Nice site, theme looks great ;-).


  11. good one

  12. what templat is this????

  13. I followed you follow me back Salty!

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