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Become a worker!

Since we lost clone787 and alex bl 17 we have been short of posts, I was not even hired for posting so why I’m posting, I don’t know!

Please help us out and go to http://taddle1.info/clone787.com/worker_form.html and help us out!

Also can I just say just one thing? I will, GO GREEN! Make sure when your not using your computer switch it off and your monitor (unless you have a laptop) and also please switch off your speakers if you can! I am guessing we are so badly polluted, that why here we get loads of RAIN!!!


9 Responses

  1. […] Become a Worker on Clone787.com […]

  2. I Have Joined tHis Form At Least A Week Ago And Have Not Bee Hierd Yet. Why Is This? If You Looking For My WP Email Edit My Comment.


  3. Rain, rain, rain, how do you like it? How do you like it? Rain, rain, rain! xD

  4. it kindia is how we get rain, becuase with more sun the water evaporizes and goe sinto the air then coems back down, so its kinda true 🙂

  5. no afence but thats ot how we get rain

  6. I love rain!!! I leave my laptop on because it takes HOURS for it to restart! Rain is fun! It makes me feel cozy at home when it rains. I also LOVE doing indoor activities! GO RAIN! Just stop polluting. Greenhouse gases and car fuel… USE CANOLA OIL! xD
    Taddle1 Says: Canola Oil?

  7. Taddle dont be so alarmed like that- i might, MIGHT come back, because i mss this site.

  8. hey tad i sent u a the thing bout joining the site soo i want to know if i made it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and im already goin green the earth is really getting bad now we should help it and make it better

  9. Ya that is true!The planet is getting polluted!I’m trying to be green as well!
    Taddle1 Says: Yes!

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