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Salty's Club Penguin Mini – Party Review!

I am So Surprized At How Many People Showed Up At My Mini Party With Such Short Notice! I Managed To Take Quite a Few Pictures. Check These Sweet Pics Out! ;- )

We Started Off At The Dock Where We Raved The Island Down.


Next We Thought We Would Stop Off At The Ski Hill For Some Hard Core Sledding!



After That, We Followed Each Other To The Ski Lodge. Where We Played Find Four!


And Finally, We Had a Great Time Partying At The Snow Forts!


Awesome Party Pics Huh? Oh and Dont Forget This Was Only a Mini Party, Imagen What We Could Get at a Main Party. Alright, I Didn’t Get Pictures Of Featured Penguins Because I was Having To Much Of a Good Time. But I can Say That Everyone Was Awesome And Really Great To Party With. The Most Active Person Was…Lilledger11. He Has Received Two Card Jitsu Codes! Well Done.

Did You Enjoy The Party? Let Me Know!

-Salty, Club Penguin Cheats President


8 Responses

  1. no wait wrong day its Sunday 19th

  2. Salty i have 50 pins today and im thinking of a party on

    When: Sunday 29th July
    Where:Snow Cone Dock
    What time:12:00-1:00

    Could u post it for me so that more ppl come and more importantly can you come?

  3. heyy! i am sooooo sorry i couldn’t make it! i feel so bad since you came to mine(we are having another one, and i understand if you dont wanna come since we didnt come to yours) i hope you understand!

  4. salty do you forgive me for not coming! i’m really sorry Salty!

  5. Hey Salty first i wanted to say i enjoyed the party so much it was fun and second congratulations for winning the coin code contest!!!
    Well cya salty.

    Waddle On!!!


  6. I am in pictures 1 3 &4

    ~Qx4 Penpal

  7. Hey dude, long time no comment. Love what you have done with this site! The css is awe-some! Comment back?

  8. Well done Lilledger11 i noticed you were being so active and shouting for salty and i thought you were the loudest out of the lot lol and i was in all of those pictures too, I really really really really really enjoyed the party more than i can put into words, i thought it was great and thanks for the card aswell salty i really appreciate it it was a mega party!!

    -Dry (SPG Mod)

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