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Vote for a color: Maroon, Lavender, and ?

Hey Penguins!

Do you remember when we had to vote for Lime Green and Lavender? Lime Green won, and we had a Lime Green party at the Dojo! The walls had slime all over the place!

This time, starting June 24, vote for a new color! I know 2 of the colors, but I forgot the last. Maroon, and Lavender. I’m sure there’s one more left… Hmm… Can you please comment the last color!? Okay… So, here’s the fashion models. I’m beginning to think Club Penguin will have “Club Penguin’s Next Top Model” with a penguin looking like Tyra Banks. 🙂

I vote for Maroon because its a mixture of Red and Purple! What’s your fav? Tell me why and keep your responses a minimum of 40 – 50 words; we don’t want to overload the comment page!



7 Responses

  1. umm where am i?
    does any one have a donut?:)

  2. maroon stinks i dint vote for maroon i voted for aqua aqua and lavendar ar cool they never stink so i just voted foe aqua

  3. Aqua Might win cuz (stupid) mimo told everyone to vote for aqua and she will be aqua if it wins! Help me guys aqua haters plz help me by voting maroon or lavender IM BEGGING YOU!!!!!
    Dorian1453 says:
    LOL. I voted for Maroon. Aqua is too much like light blue. And Lavender is too girly. 😛

  4. can i work here and you just give me things on here and then block commet because i cant give email and i would help you soooo much with the website!

    Sincerly,Russell87 / BEST FRIEND EVER!!!!!!!
    Agent15642:If you want to work here you must have a wordpress account and if you do please fill out this from at this link: http://taddle1.info/clone787.com/worker_form.html

  5. Ahh… I remember the lime green party. Free lime green and lime
    Cape for members, of cource back then only like 45% were member
    that was fun. VOTE MAROON aqua is two much like light blue, and lavender
    Is dumb

    I quit cp but it’s still fun to comment here 😀

  6. aqu the last one
    Dorian1453 says:
    Thanks so much! I have a bad memory, so I sometimes forget! 😉

  7. The other one is Aqua!

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