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100% accurate Club Penguin Penguin band tracker cheats and Tips

This post is stickied. To view newer posts, scroll down! Have fun finding the Penguin Band with these useful tips and tricks:

Here are some tips to help you find the Club Penguin Penguin band during the music Fesrival.

  1. There are four members to the penguin band.The four members are G Billy, Stompin Bob, Franky, and Petey K.
  2. If alot of people are trying to get into backstage at once,They are most likely to be there.
  3. They are giving out a reward if you find them.You will get a free background.
  4. Use our Play Club Penguin
  5. Later I will have a Chat box on this site so you can tell each other where The Penguin band is.
  6. If you don’t try look for them,You defnitley won’t find them.Always make sure to try your best!
  7. If you know they’re on a server,Click on the users in room list and if there is a smiley beside them,It should be them.
  8. In the Images below,You will see the Pictures of all members of the Penguin band and the free background you get from them.
  9. They’re usually on at peek hours so try to look for them at that time.
  10. Here are the the Members of the Club Penguin band
  11. Here is the background without a penguin on it.
  12. Make sure to never give up! Always try your best!
  13. I will post more tips later! Keep refreshing the site for their Updates!

That’s all for Club Penguin cheats!!

Play Club Penguin! Homepage!

11 Responses

  1. Go to LINK REMOVED because a coin code contest is going on there!

  2. […] Club Penguin band Cheats […]

  3. lol i just you guys up in the chat box 😛

    Also im havign a party

    Talk to you in a minute : P

  4. How do you sticky a post? I am trying to do that but cant figure it out.
    Agent15642:I’m trying to find out to!

  5. Hello Clone ! Long time ! Dude why dont you come on MSN anymore

    have you quit SEC Production?
    Taddle1 says: Sorry to say, but clone has quit club penguin so he will no longer be posting much or editing comments much here

  6. Clone something happened to my list u got deleted i need to add u on cp again
    Did it happen to me

  7. Hey This is for dor. You need to visit my site and comment more or you will be removed as a CPN MOD
    Taddle1 Says: Hey darth! Its me, please contact dorian on dorian1453@clone787.com
    or contact me on taddle1@clone787.com and I shall forward tthe message to him


  9. Hey! Do you want a Free Club Penguin Plush toy Aunt Arctic with Code?!

    Come Sign up in my Giveaway!

    ~Hope Aka Clubpenguinfan~

  10. Clone did you know i was hacked?! they deleted all my buddies, even you 😥

  11. Hi!

    Im going on vacation but please remember to visit my site during these few days, just wanetd to let you know if you wonder why im not commenting 😛


    Clone:Have fun! 😀

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