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More clues!


Taddle1 Posting! (yay)

I am working on a secret project! (scroll down for more info)

I recently gave you the clue ”Dj.” Thats a bit tough so heres some more clues!

  1. Dj
  2. FM
  3. Live

So I gave you 2 more clues. What do you think it is? Please dont comment if you have had a commented before! If you have had an approved comment before please email taddle1@clone787.com

16 Responses

  1. Nah its ok hey clone check out my new site bl17.wordpress.com i added your banner!

  2. Its ok guys-heeeey- who aproved that comment 😆 ust kidding i know it was u guys! Hey clone, can you see my site? its bl17.wordpress.com
    it did bl17.wordpress.cm instead of Alexbl17.wordpress.com because bl is a popular nickname for me now!

  3. Is it a radio?
    Agent15642:Your close!

  4. And the person from the radio is on the internet on DCPC Chat!I think!
    It is a radio! But I’m the dj. I’ve been to many discos and they teach me how to do it

  5. I think it’s a person from the radio,but you told me before on the chat,but I can’t remember for some reason!
    Taddle1 Says: I wasn’t actually talking to you! I was talking to robi5. Oh, and just so you know im tired today, i woke up at 5:45 am and got out of bed at 5:57 am

  6. Hmm….I decided to join the challege or contest!

  7. Whoever is aproving my comments stopit i want taddle to so i know he looked at them and taddle will respond

    Clone:Sorry Alex!
    Agent15642:Sorry as well Alex!


  9. Hmmmm Maybe like a web show kinda thing? Ya know not quite a podcast and not quite a video, like an online radio show or something

  10. uh you making music to put up on here????

  11. idk

  12. Hmmmm Maybe like a web show kinda thing? Ya know not quite a podcast and not quite a video, , like an online radio show or something

  13. dj candance and penguin band live
    No :d


  15. Is that correct taddle? i want him to approve the comenne so we know he saw it

  16. Wait…. A podcast!!! A live podca-st!!! Thats it!!!…. Isnt it?Not quite a podcast… heres a clue! Internet —–

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