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Music Jam 2009 Party cheats review

Hey Everyone!!

The Club Penguin Music Jam Party Party is supposed to end later today,So I thought that I’d do a little review on it on what was Hot and what was not!

The Decorations are really good and Club Penguin had put a lot of though into this 2009 Music Jam!My favourite room out of the whole party had to be the coffee shop! Amazing theme and great style the Stage Blends right in!

Another great room would have to be the “Soccer Pitch” By the looks of it,It looks Like a Proper stage that people would see in real life at concerts!It was an Amazing Job and that had to be my second favourite room!

One of my other (Yes again another favourite ) favourite room’s would have to be “Backstage” It is a great area for member penguins to greet other member penguins and they added that room just for this party!And,They are selling instruments in a Music Catalog with 2 secrets.Click the “I” for the “Snare drum” and “Sticks” and Click the “O” to get the Black electric guitar!

In my opinion,Club Penguin best party since about The christmas party in 2007! What did you guys think of the Music Jam?Leave a comment and let me know! Also,Clone’s membership Expires in 3 days and then I’ll be a non-member

That’s all for Club Penguin Cheats 2009!


3 Responses

  1. when is th club penguin music jam

  2. Cool thanks for making a review!

  3. Heyy awsome site.Please check out this new army and join at LINK REMOVED

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