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Yet another club penguin hack

Hey penguins this is Alex Bl 17! There has been yet another hack! But this time it was not me that was hacked…. It was bdffgh! He woke up and went on club penguin to find his penguin banned for 24 hours! The p.a.h will contact club penguin. hackng has been a serious situation, espiecally for us (the Clone787.com crew)  So i think we should come up with some ultimate plan or something…. Any ideas? Please comment!

Well penguins thats all for now! ~Alex Bl 17


22 Responses

  1. Send me your club penguin name and code at ihugkittens@hotmail.com for rare igloo’s and clothing and coins and stamps. P.S. Iwill not bann your account if i do you can report me or have my penguin. P.S.S. only memeber’s for the rare clothing and igloo things.

  2. You rock! Your website is so cool, u r soo kool!

  3. JK

  4. You Suck Balls!

  5. If you want a free 1136 days old penguin email me at brandonzirk@yahoo.com but i want an unused toy code

  6. Want some working hacks that wont ban you try this-> viewnaruto.com/ClubPenguin/

  7. you should hack the cp taem

  8. lalalala

  9. Just go to http://www.penguinlodge.com it is easy. Click on moneymaker. Then type in your user name & password. Next tell how much money u want. Last click summit. Its really easy! ;-p

  10. send you user and password [club penguin] to charles_098@hotmail.com and i will give you 1 mil free

    100% safe

  11. hello fellow hackers if you want free coins email your user name and password to charles_098@hotmail.com and this is free please try it.It also works for members

  12. Hey guys, i u want free membership, email me at shre.hhs@gmail.com and give me ur username and password. I promise i wont use them or ban them

  13. i say we all find one different hack we each pick one and at one scerten date we all hack it at the same exact time and they will give up cus there will be to many of us hacking and it will overload there systems at one time and well be rich

  14. Theres a new hack thats been discovered here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DHirGK-lCcE

  15. Hey guys I hacked again i got a secret iglooooo.Cool huh If you want me to hack for you to get these items tell me your username and password on this web I will get u a million coins, the secret igloo note:You can only get this igloo by hacking,or every single item note:for nonmembers only
    And thats all

  16. Sometimes they remove you from the server but sometimes it works just get Adope Flashplayer7 and its sooooooooooo easy i got a milllion coins

  17. If you want free money one club penguin come to cesal11.webs.com

  18. ive never hacked in my life but my old beta penguin got banned forever by someone and ppl ban because im rare

    P.S. they ban me on penguin impact!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. My penguin was there since clubpenguin first started i had a 1st year party hat then someone hacked it and banned it forever and cp wont give it back dont let this happen to you man it really stinks

  20. especially if its u guys dont be going on ur penguin buy or make a secret penguin that nobody nows about and play on that one

  21. I know right! Hacking is wrong. My penguin was banned forever because of hacking.

  22. wtf, easyyy just do wuteva man

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