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Club Penguin new 5 server Update cheats

Hey Everyone!!

Club Penguin Has released 5 New servers probably because nearly All of Club Penguins servers are Crowded and are always full.The name os fhte 5 new servers are called Dry Ice, Glacial, Patagonia, Sasquatch, and Snow Covere.Whats with the names? They’re just odd.The image below will show the 5 New Club Penguin servers as shown while logging on to Club Penguin


Also Authors,I’m being more serious and keeping more of an eye on your posts.IF You want to stay over your next few poss,I advice to

  • Post the Updates when you find that they occur.
  • Try to have a 100 minimum per post.That’s what I always do.
  • When you post please don’t post more than twice in 1 day.There is a posting limit starting today and the person who post’s the 3rd after it’s been posted twice,They’ll be removed from the site.

Authors Please do this.I’m looking for editors with Good image editing and good Grammar.Please comment and I’ll look at your site and I’ll check it out!

Well Guy’s,That’s all for Club Penguin Cheats!


9 Responses

  1. I can do it 😐

  2. I try to make my posts reasonable as in making sure they are long and detailed and so readers understand what im posting about, and i making sure my posts have a reason, and make sure that they are nit pointless.

  3. P.S. bdffgh just called me dumb, i have proof incase u want 2 see it, e-mail me

  4. clone, i just wanted to tell you, on that chat thing up there, some people including YAYYAY9, Agent15642, bdffgh and Anthony have been shouting at me, threatening me and accusing me of spamming, swearing, lying and hacking, please give them a warning to stop. PLEASE. Taddle1 is the only one who has been sticking up for me and my friend o.Olil_allyO.o (we are friends in real life) she has also been accused of hacking, lying and being mean. please stop this…


    Clone:I’ll tell them to stop.Copy and paste what tehy say and e-mail it to redrocket@live.ie
    Agent15642:Clone I’m telling you the truth!They were being mean to me!One of them sweared at me on Tuesday morning!One of them said I hacked Bdffgh!Taddle made the two girls a mod on you’re chat and one of them were good and the one that made this comment was doing a terrible job,she kept on making people guests and she was kicking them and banning them for no reason!That’s the truth!I always tel;l the truth!I’m so not lying!Trust me Clone!Please!

  5. o then clone

  6. o lol

  7. Sure Clone!I’ll post my party review tomorrow then!

  8. good point clone, btw, dorian keeps threatening 2 call the police on me for no reason, its coming in my e-mails =(

  9. agent what do u mean by 100 min
    Agent15642:You know that this post is Clone’s!

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