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Mini Party 0.2

Update:MINI PARTY IS OVER!!!!One more thing I will be posting the Mini Party Review and Featured Penguin’s tomorrow at some point!

Server Update:It looks like that we have to log into RockyRoad instead of Sasquatch because Sasquatch seems a little too full!So please log into RockyRoad for the party!Thanks!

Hi guys,

Agent15642 posting,

Remember yesteray I had a Mini Party and about 15 of you came and then I left because I had to go eat dinner!Well I thought it was rude,so I’m making another party because some people missed the party and I never got to finish the party!

Here’s the invitation to the Mini Party:

Can’t Read?






Oh and the RockyRoad in brackets is for the backup Server if I don’t show up on Sasquatch or if the Server is full!You know what the time is for!

Please make it!I will be taking pictures and I will be featuring penguins!I will be adding penguins!During the party we will be chatting on Club Penguin and http://xat.com/clone787! Also during the Mini Party when you guys ask me something I might not answer because I might be taking pics or I lost connection!Also I will be having a tracker of where we are!Please comment if you’re coming!Please make it!

Update For Workers:Sorry I took up to much space!


One Response

  1. im coming!
    Agent15642:Ok thanks!

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