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Mini Party – Clue #1

Hey guys, Drigerbest here! Its been a while since we had a Mini Party! I’ve also got a couple of Series 4 Coin Codes. I wouldn’t want to use it all on my penguin so maybe 2 or 3 will go to the Mini Party. If you want to win a Series 4 Coin Code, your chance has emerged. All you have to do is figure out the clues I give, and once you have figured it, you will receive a final description of it, including the time, date, and place!

I will reveal a clue every now and then, and dont forget to leave a comment if you think you know what the clues mean! Im also giving away a Series 3 Coin Code to the penguin that stays until party finishes. If I get  over 20 people at the party, I will release another Series 3 Code on this website!

Here is the first clue, If you think you know the answer to it, comment and let me know! This is the clue for the server,


I think you know the answer! Its pretty easy!

REMINDER: Dont forget to record your answers somewhere so you dont forget them!


9 Responses

    the first two are just x’s in a white-ish box!
    i clicked show picture but its NOT WORKING!
    the last one shows though, flippers?
    mister pwease welp meh i dont wanna miss the party!
    could u send the pictures to me?
    my email is kmercado2@suddenlink.net

  2. I think the mini party was a beach party.

  3. flippers

  4. server flippers

  5. cool i cant wait

  6. […] Mini Party Clue #2 Filed under: club penguin cheats — Tags: 100% accurate rockhopper tracker, 100% acurate rockhopper tracker, club penguin, club penguin cheats, club penguin rockhopper, club penguin rockhopper tracker, ClubPenguin, clubpenguin cheats, clubpenguin rockhopper, cp rockhopper tracker, how to find rockhopper, rock hopper tracker, rockhopper, rockhopper tracker, rockhopper tracker 2009, rockhopper tracker club penguin, rockhopper trackers, rockhopper tracking, where is rockhopper, where is rockhopper on club penguin — Drigerbest @ 1:38 PM Hey everyone! Its time for me to post the Second Mini Party Clue! I hope you guys have figured the first one. If you haven’t, click here to figure it out now! […]

  7. swimming party

  8. Hey People!

    Are you coming to my 56,000 hits Party? Here’s the invitation:

    When? 5th September
    Where? Shiver, Iceberg
    Time? 6:00 PM, PST

    Be sure to come because I will be giving a random prize like blogroll, author, rare penguin, coin code or a card jitsu code!


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