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Mini Party Clue #3

Hey everyone, I am now going to release the 3rd Mini Party Clue, check it out below. Also check out the other ones below as well! Leave a comment if you know what the clue means.

This clue is the day of the Mini Party,

Hmmmm, this clue could be a bit tricky to some people. I recommend you using a Google Translator! 😀

Here is the 1st Party Clue if you missed it, its the Server for the party,


This is the 2nd Party clue, its the room the party will take place in,


A few more party clues coming soon! Stay in touch with this Site and dont forget to visit our site by going to:



6 Responses

  1. Hey drigerbest, im Alex Bl 17! im hosting a series 3 coin code contest on my site! To enter simply go to http://www.bl17.wordpress.com ! Thats all!
    ~Alex bl 17

  2. what are you thinking? do you now I live in Quebec? Sunday

  3. seriously easy! got all 3! u need to make them slightly harder. do u have a utube channel? cos if u did it would get ur website wa more views!


  5. this is the only contest I can do. By the way nice french for saturday lol!

  6. way to easy i will be coming so far all 3 of you clues i got so far. maybe the black ninja puffle is real and if you read MiMo777 website he said he thinks it might be the black ninja puffle

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