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Club Penguin Cheats: Fall Fair Items, Postcards, Stage, More!

Earn more tickets at the Club Penguin Fair because theres more great prizes to win! Put on your time traveler hat and go back to Prehistoric Times with The Penguins That Time Forgot, send your buddy a New Postcard or maybe even check out a secret black puffle mystery?!? Check out all the cheats for this Friday below.

prehistoric stage play

The Penguins That Time Forgot

prehistoric play

Take a trip back in time with The Penguins That Time Forgot. a Stage Play with Dinosaurs, Volcanos and Cave Men!

prehistoric costume trunk

Wether your a time traveler or a cave man, the Costume Trunk has everything to fit you needs!

prehistoric items1

  • Cheap Time Travel Hat – 10 Coins

prehistoric items2

  • Blue Tiki Mask – 300 Coins
  • Pink Tiki Mask – 300 Coins

prehistoric items3

  • Big Brow – 50 Coins
  • Tiger Cave Toga – 350 Coins
  • The Fern Fuzz – 450 Coins
  • Primitive Necklace – 100 Coins
  • Zebra Cave Toga – 350 Coins

prehistoric cheat1

prehistoric cheat2

Click the G in “Forgot” for the Grass Skirt (200 Coins)!

prehistoric background

Volcanic Background (available to all members!) 60 coins.

New Prize Booth Items

the fair

Theres only 2 days left of games and prizes at the Fair, so head over to the prize booth and check out the newest items to be won!

new fair prizes1

Theres 1 new item at the Prize Booth, that Purple Top Hat (150 Tickets)!

new fair prizes2

heres 2 new items at the Member’s Only Prize Booth, a Mustache (60 Tickets) and a Cotton Candy Maker (Furniture Item – 300 Tickets).

New Postcards

new postcard1

Theres 4 new postcards you can send to all your Club Penguin Buddies!

new postcards

Find the Pin, Re-Decorated Igloo, Puffle Performance and Penguins Time Forgot (newest Stage Play Postcard).

Black Puffle Mystery?!?

black puffle

The Black Puffle has always been the quite and mysterious puffle of all the puffles but they could be on the brink of something huge. If you look around the Club Penguin Fair you will see black puffles just sitting around! What could this mean?

Well, If you wear your Ninja Costumes and stay next to the Black Puffle, it will go mad! Trust me, check out these hot pictures. Lol. Hot.. Get it?

Cool ey? Leave a comment and let me know what you think. The Site is back up and running and If you would like to track Rockhopper click the image below. Today is the LAST DAY as he leaves tomorrow!!!

Do you play Pandanda? Well, If you do, I have run an awesome Cheats site for it. Click the image below to go to it.




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  2. Thanks for using my post but please give credit as it is copyright infringment since my site is copyright.



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