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400,000 hits Club Penguin Party

If you put my site banner on your site and then leave a comment with the link to it, I will give you a Special Party Guest rank!

Hey everyone, great news! We have reached 400,000 hits on our Club Penguin Blog. Today I checked my Stats and I received 15,000 hits in one day! How cool!? We are going to celebrate it with a huge Club penguin party and hopefully make some rooms full! Not only that, but lots lots more! Heres the invitation!

Drigerbest’s 400,000 hits party

When? 23/09/09

Where? Server Outback Dock

Time? 10:30AM PST/6:30PM GMT

Come dance with Drigerbest

Special Guests to look our for:

Paintboy100 (not confirmed yet)










Do you want to be on the list? Well, now you can in three easy steps!

1) Make a Twitter Account

2) Go to http://twitter.com/drigerbest and click Follow

3) Finally click here and leave a comment with your penguin name and I will add you to the list!

Please also leave a comment If you are coming to the party! There will be recording, Buddy adds and much much more! Its going to be a blast! Tell me if you are coming to the party by leaving a comment now!



20 Responses

  1. DID you know when you make pizza and you start you instead of putting pizza do the candy version… you make candy pizza… it’s fun.. email me 4 more info… I love your parties…t hx bye

  2. http://smileyemmsclubpenguincheats.webs.com/

    hi above is my site and I posted ur unvite! will you make me a special guest?
    i will totally be at the party!

  3. […] Finally click here and leave a comment with your penguin name and I will add you to the […]

  4. You made a bit of a mistake you said “Special Guests to look our for” 😉

  5. hey add me pls i want to be ther

  6. Hey, I just followed you on twitter my penguin name is Criabunny. Your site rocks!

  7. hi im following u on twitter my twitter name is arijusmileris
    my penguin name is peng1239

  8. I’ll be there I added you on Twitter 🙂

  9. hey i want 2 come!!UR SO COOL!LOLZ!:)

  10. […] Party Review Filed under: club penguin — Tags: Club penguin cheats — Drigerbest @ 12:22 pm Hey guys, Drigerbest here. The Mini Party was cool. I expected more but it was fun! I would give it a 6/10. I hope my 400,000 hits party would be a 10/10. Click here to view the Invitation to the 400,000 hits party. […]

  11. […] Club Penguin Fun Activities Coming Soon! Filed under: club penguin — Tags: Club penguin cheats, clubpenguin cheats — Drigerbest @ 6:56 am Click here for details to my 400,000 hits party! […]

  12. i should be on the list i did what you said im j.m on twitter

  13. heyyyyy.drigerbest i would also like to come to your b-day.And be afriend of yours see you on your b-day.And also look me up on twitter.

  14. Hey can i come u have the best website!!

  15. hey even though i hate u, i luv parties a lot so just wanted to say sry i cant come i live in california US and my time zone is PST.

  16. Hey I will send the ebook within 24 hours.

  17. can uu add me to ur list and how do u get the amulete

  18. add me to ur list and how do u get the amulete

  19. cool sorry cant come

  20. Hello. I was waddling around your site, and I’ll be glad to come. Cool site by the way ;). It would be cool if you commented on my site too.

    Nice to know we have the same time zones :D.

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