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Club Penguin 4 Year Anniversary Party Date confirmed!

Today is September 24th! Its a really special day to Club Penguin and maybe to some others as well. Do you know what It is? Let me tell you: In exactly 1 month from now, Club Penguin will be celebrating their 4 Year Anniversary party. Club Penguin anniversaries are always a big thing and this year its going to be bigger! Some of you may have not been to the older parties, so here is how it looked like and at the end, I have a super possibility of the new Party hat.

Lets start with 2006:

Club Penguin had their first party on October 24th 2006. The free item was the blue and green party hat.


Club Penguin had their second party on October 24th 2007. The free item was the yellow and orange party hat.


Club Penguin had their third party on October 24th 2008. The free item was the Blue, Orange and yellow party hat.


This year the party will be on October 24th 2009. There will also be a new party hat because the same ones never come again the next year. The party will take place at the Coffee shop! What color do you think the new hat combination will be? This is a prediction of what I think it will look like, (If I’m right I will buy myself an ice cream :D)

Im sure Club Penguin will release a lot more information about the party. I thought It would be cool If I let you awesome fans know in advance. Thanks to Jmann93 for the idea.

Leave a comment and tell me whether you are looking forward to the 4th Year Club Penguin Party.


2 Responses

  1. hey loseeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. how do you get anouther color hat?

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