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Club Penguin Army! Club Penguin Avengers!

Hey everyone, Drigerbest here. I’ve seen many people make armies and Ive been interested in one. Im sure that we can make the Top 10 list in a couple of days or weeks! All we need is team work! We are the Club Penguin Avengers! (Short for CPA) Before I speak about the army, let me tell you about the uniform.

Here is the Members Uniform,

Here is the Non Members uniform,

If you dont have the specific uniform, please wear something similar to it! Remember, we are the Club Penguin Avengers (CPA). We MIGHT be taking part in a War soon with other armies and every single person that comes will be posted on THIS site with a whole paragrapgh of what they did during the battle. They better watch out, Cuz we are coming!

How Do I Join the Club Penguin Avengers (CPA)?

If you want to join the CPA (Club Penguin Avengers), follow the simple rules below:

Your name

Army experience (If any)

Website (If you have any)

Comment these 3 things on the post and I will post the Commanders, Captains and all the ranks soon! Start commenting now. Click here to comment.

They better watch out, Cuz we are coming! We are the Club Penguin Avengers! Battles soon!!! Stay tuned…


20 Responses

  1. Alliance with CPT?

  2. carnage467
    many armys mostly genreal or captain
    no website

  3. lots of experience (some)(little) but please i really want this job ppppppppppppppppppllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hey do you want to be Allies?

  5. 1.hrannar2

    2.yes ACP and snow relves


  6. I dont have army exp or a site but im glad cos theres FINALLY an army with a uniform I have!

  7. Check out this awesome Club Penguin army. Its called Gw. It is the number 4 club penguin army.
    We would like you to join.

    To join all you have to do is fill out the form on NO LINKS!

    Our army chat is NO LINKS!

  8. i have no army exp. i don’t have a site but i’ll fight

  9. Register your army at CPAD : http://cparmydatabase.wordpress.com/

  10. rockhopper picture

  11. i do have a site i made it yesterday but it sucks monkey balls

  12. i actually remember i was a commander in a army

  13. how much lomger till i join

  14. 1 homesr 2 no experience 3 not yet

  15. club penguin name: leavonna

    experice: none sorry

    website: wwwolivia.com its lame though

    when is the war and in a member

  16. kk my user on cp-Tosty55
    Army experience-well litle
    My website-im working on one me and my friend

  17. Your name _ Coins 33

    Army experience (If any) Sorry None

    Website (If you have any) http://www.cpfiles.tk

  18. Strongs100
    None but I’ve been on CP a long time and have lots of experience with wars!
    No Website
    This army will rock Drigerbest! I’ll show up to every battle! Rock on!

  19. 1. Bluey Master
    2. I was a solider for the APA (a small,unknown army) And a general for a club penguin blogger’s army but the blog was deleted. I can’t remember the name for that one.
    3. None of my own

  20. Hey! Im Self Host on my site and its Awesome, Here is my info:

    Club Penguin Nick Name: Champ344

    Army Experience: None, this is my first army i hope ill be in.

    Website: I had a WordPress (http://cpchamp344cp.wordpress.com aka http://cpclubpenguin.net) but now i went on to advanced stuff which is self host, My currect site is http://champ344.com


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