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Club Penguin Series 2 Card Jitsu Review!

Hey everyone, Drigerbest here. I recently got the latest version of the Club Penguin Card Jitsu Series 2 packs. Club Penguin and Topps released it a week ago and I have already got it! Sweet. Drigerbest is going to give you a cool review of the latest Card Jitsu Cards,


When you get any of the Card Jitsu Single packs you will receive a Sticket Sheet, customize your penguin sheet, a power card and a code to unlock the cards on Club Penguin.

Card Jitsu Double Pack:

I also received the Card Jitsu Double-Pack of cards! In this double pack of cards, you can find two brand new series 2 Card Jitsu packs. A total of 16 series 2 cards! Once you purchase the Club Penguin Card Jitsu Double-Pack of cards, you will find 2 customize your penguin cards, 2 sticker sheets, 2 brand new Power Cards, and 2 unlock items online codes! You will also receive a bonus Pop-Up Card Jitsu Card. So many, maybe I will release some soon… Maybe at 500,000 hits!

Rare Golden Sensei Card:

In 1 in 18 Card Jitsu packs, you have a chance of finding this amazing new Rare Golden Sensei Card! This card completes the whole series 2 Card Jitsu set. The Rare Golden Sensei Card is a very special card to unlock. If you can find this card in a pack, you can unlock several things. First off, you can unlock 6 new power cards for your online Card Jitsu deck! Or, you can jump to the next level of belts on your penguin. So, you get to skip one whole belt. My tip is, you should wait until you are a brown belt and then you can skip to the final Black Belt!

Wow. That was a long review! Woot, we are nearly on 500,000 hits. Once we get that many hits, I am going to have a crazy Card Jitsu Giveaway! Stay tuned. Check out our Twitter and make sure you follow us! Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the Series 2 Card Jitsu Cards and this review!


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  2. Hola! I’ve given you the Mine Shack for CPA Central’s Tourney, but I’m not really sure if you’re an army or not…

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