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Watex is back.

Drigerbest: Welcome Watex guys, I added Watex 3 days ago but I think he was busy so he made the post now! Watex will help us update this blog and make it much better as he has good Blogging Experience. Maybe a mini party with Watex soon…

Hello everyone, my name is Watex or most people call me Fever. I used to Blog about club penguin with my club penguin site. It has accumulated over 16 million hits and if it was running now, it would be the best club penguin site. It got banned for me posting about prize rebel, and I think that was pretty lame. I quit club penguin for a couple of months but now Im back to help drigerbest post. If you see me on club penguin, shout out my name and I might add you. Im also working on this blog to try and get my fame back. If anyone has a famous blog that they dont mind me working on, please comment and tell me.


I will mostly hand around on sleet dock, so come and meet me there sometimes.

watex dock

Im going to be adding the first 20 penguins that request for a buddy add. Thats it guys, keep visiting this awesome cheats site and dont forget to spread the world about Watex returning!!!


8 Responses

  1. Woo! Great to see you back on Digerbest’s Club Penguin Cheat Site! Also nice to see you on ClubPenguinTools.Wordpress.com again! Bringing back the Old Memories? Good to know! 🙂

  2. hey fever ive heard alot about u! i work for cp as a designer of clothes and parties, and as a manager and mod so u might have heard about me! i loved ur site im a beta so ive been looking at different cp cheat sites for a long time! i am soooo happy to hear that u r back i have been wondering what happened to ur site if i ever see u out ill give u a shoutut btw r u a beta my beta stuff got hacked and i was just wondering. sry bout the long comment!


  3. I wanna be added plase

  4. FEVER! Your back! Wb dude! Stay please!

  5. cool his fever cool!

  6. Fever’s back! 😀

  7. Hmm… You add Watex and you don’t make me an admin… I am never on MSN at the time YOU are because I am at school right now… Since you live in the UK, its like really late for you. And I know Drigerbest, you live in the UK. 😛 Lol, bye… I am at school so I gtg!!! Cya…


  8. Great to see you back,but actually you quit on February 2009 not two years ago lol.


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