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Club Penguin pin cheat 2009



The new Club Penguin Pin is Located in the “Boiler Room” . It’s a 4th Anniversery Party Cake Pin.

To get it go to the “Town”
Then go to the “Plaza”
Go to the “Pool”
Click on the “Door”
Click on the Pin.

You now have the 4th anniversery Pin.

That’s all for Club Penguin Cheats!


~Clone 787 (I got the site back 😀 )


11 Responses

  1. HOLA! we are new to wordpress, and we are wii’s friends! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit our blog! There’s tons of fun things to do!
    *Evil & Mean*

  2. um why do you call these as a club penguin pin cheat?? its not a cheat! its just a collectible item that we can get like getting a simple free item!!! so this is not a cheat because we dont use any hacking/cheating software to get that freaking collectibele pin!!!! once again!!!! why do you call this as a club penguin pin cheat!!?!?!?!? if we do this… do we get all the pins because in cheating we can get alot than one!!!

    Thank you for letting me comment! hehe im not angry im just asking you why you call it as a cheat..

  3. Hey,Re add me as admin please.

  4. @ Tosty55

    Drigerbest doesn’t own it. Clone MADE it.

  5. OMG!Clone you’re back!We missed you dude!I hope we will get added back soon!

  6. Clone can you make me an admin again?


  8. Oh my gosh Clone787 is it really you? Oh my gosh!! I really missed you dude… I thought you quit… Welcome back dude! 🙂


  10. Well, you got it back.. Im sorry Clone. Can I be an author or something? Email limitedgenius@live.co.uk 😦 You normally get 3000 views plus but now u deleted me, i repotted it on twitter and u wil get just over 500. 😦 anyway, emial me 😦 im sorry
    Alex BL 17 says: Hey drigerbest. I’m still unsure if you hacked the site, or if clone gave it to you, but We have always been disapointed with you. we even got emails from clone saying that You hacked the site. IM also unsure if you will be an author here,but if you do, please, dont be such a jackass like before.

  11. dude Clone Drigerbest ownes this blog wat do u mean by u got it back?

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