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Goodbye Forever.

Hey everyone, this is Alex Bl 17. For those of you who didnt know I have quit. I have been gone for about 4 months and keep thinking about this site. There is really nothing I can do to save it now. So I wish to be the one to say the final goodbye.

Let me explain how this site went downhill and abandoned. BeforeI joined, the site was super successful, and super popular. it had been popular for about a year.  I joined this site in april 20009, and about 3 months later Clone 787 quit the blog. For the next two months, the site was still posted on by our 5 authors. I was one of them. In august 2009, the site was hacked by drigerbest and he took over the site completely, removing all authors. He even changed the domain name from Clone787.com to drigerbest.com. In October during the anniversary party, clone came to check on the site and noticed it had been hacked and taken over. I still don’t know how but he managed to take it back, but if he were to keep it, drigerbest had to stay, because he bought a domain. All the previous authors were invited back, and the site began running again. Eventually drigerbest lost it. He removed all the authors, and started spamming and swearing all over the site, until he finally dissapeared from the Club penguin scene. Rumors went around that drigerbest got arressted, but I have a hard time Believing it. His account ended up being deleted after he hadnt paid for his css or domain. So now the site was empty, and done for. But that was until I found out that MY account had still been active somehow! I went on and figure out that I couldnt make new posts, and I had to edit the one on the top of the page (If your wondering why it says October 2009 at the top). I was going to bring the site back to life! Start posting again! Bring the site to 1 million hits! But there were so many things wrong. Everything says drigerbest, the header is out of date, I was the only author! I had my own site, and I couldn’t hire more people to work on this one because I wasn’t an admin. Doing 2 sites at once by yourself is hard work. So I kind of left it, and was promised myself I was going to come back and work on it later. I even made a post that we were coming back, but I just forgot all about it… In march 2011 I quit the Club pengin scene completely. Just a week ago I came back to see what had been going on, and what had been updated or whatever. I decided to stay for the music jam party, but I recently remember this site. I remebered how run down it had become, and figured there was no way this site would ever make a comeback. So that brought me to making this goodbye post.

It has been a complete honor, working for this site and I couldn’t have been more thankful to have worked on it. But its time to say goodbye.

For the last time ever, Waddle on!

~Alex Bl17- Clone 787’s cp cheats author, April 13th 2009- June 25th 2011~


Clone 787’s Club penguin cheats- August 7th 2007- June 25th 2011


22 Responses

  1. Check out this awesome Club Penguin army. Its called Gw. It is the number 4 club penguin army.
    We would like you to join.

    To join all you have to do is fill out the form on LINKS

    Our army chat is Links

  2. eh… what happened to this site?

  3. i will help you run the website if you wantP.S EMAIL ME IF ITS OK

  4. Hey dude! I havent seen u on cp in a long time!

  5. can i get a job here?

  6. so dose that mean we get our jobs back here ? if we do i was an auther

  7. Hi Alex, we both work on paintboy100s site 😉 Can you add me as an arthor here and I will red do the whole site!


  8. YH same someone better post this blog getting boring O_O Drigerbest are you there?

  9. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm ive been coming to this site 4 over a year and this is getting old im gonna stop coming here

  10. And ummm……. question is the website still working though?

  11. I just want to see Rockhopper…:)

  12. hey i can help u post? Cpntact me at ohnnyj27@gmail.com

  13. Can i ask for a favour?.. i want to become an author i will be more than happy to post for this blog! Please reply

  14. wow sumone do sumthin

  15. How long will this go on for…. If no one will post stuff people will stop comming to this blog and one day forget about it.


  16. Are you guys gonna post or do u have to pay again.


  17. Hey! I found out how to get the 2000 coins! Thx sooo much!!!!!!!

  18. hello,browers here. Drigerbest added me as an arthor on this site but now I have been removed 😦 please can I be added again as I really enjoyed posting here

  19. dudes thats just spamming your own blog.
    Its my blog so :S

  20. yup well i got the hat but its coo lfor another day!

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