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Club penguin Animations

here are some animations

blue-puffle-feeding Submitted by hyppercp















1Wally15: Clone, Hope you don’t mind, but I will add my two animations.




penguins-trying-to-tip-the-iceberg Submitted by hyppercp










Everything is copyrighted of  http://clone787.com/ © 2009 all right reserved.

90 Responses

  1. its the website ever created


  3. this is the best website ever GOOD BYE DOOM GOATS!!!!!!!

  4. how do you submit animations? `,:|

  5. Very nice animations !

    ( We are inviting you and your Clubpenguin pales to join this new fantastic new club @ http://www.clubpenguintreasure.webs.com)

  6. Very nice site!

  7. cwoll animatnz dude iv sor som on cp itselv =]

  8. Awesome! Nice animations!

  9. HEY PPL!! ppinkangelpi is here!! lolz im famous on cp im not lying! iv’e got ton’s of hits on my web!

  10. i cant wait for the space adventure play cause its my first year. ps im soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!i love u cp

  11. Wowie! Thumbs up!

  12. thanx for the pics and im in the ice berg one :] the football player

  13. cool animations
    how u do them plzzzzzzzz tell me

  14. ha ha! you made me laugh so hard!

  15. i love this website its so cool because i can write all the stuff

  16. hey how do u submit ur own and make ur own animation?

  17. how about when u dress up like a firemen and spray water on someone:)

  18. I really liked your blog!

  19. Can you provide more information on this?

  20. i can think of even more! like

    1.playing guitar or other instruments
    3.im the box store theres a place u splat paint at the picture

  21. Thanks for the information! I found this very entertaining and I hope you write more.

  22. why didnt my comment show

  23. i think they are

  24. I cant comment in your Coin Code Contest 2009 because it keeps saying ‘sorry comment is not bla bla bla’ I cant remember..
    I know the anwser. Please email me!! I’ll email you my answer..Please I really wanna win!!!!! 😦 My email is yeheykylie@yahoo.com

  25. hey how about the fire in the cove

  26. how do you make an animation?

  27. I like them they are cool.


  28. That April Fools Day WAS SILLY

  29. I like all the red penguins doing stuff its redddtopalis

  30. I like that puffle eating its a classic

  31. how do you do that plz tell me ill do eneything go to partnerredii.weebly.com to tell me plz plz plz tell me.

  32. how do you do that? PLZ PLZ PLZ tell me

  33. love ur piccys buddy

  34. love ur piccys buddy

  35. i love them

  36. cool animations

  37. Clone787,Dorian1453 and Agent15642,you guys rock!!!

  38. I have no idea

  39. Camtasia Studio is not free, is it?

  40. Yay! i love animations! some of those were pretty phunnie

    Clone:lol Thanks Man 😀

  41. UMMMM,dude?the name glitch works an’ all.BUT it stays wiv no name!an’ ya cant speak!

    Clone:Yeah i know thats the bad thing

  42. How can you make a blog so coooooooooooooool i wanna be famous!
    Taddle1Go to wordpress.com/signup

  43. You will have to click edit to see it
    P.S. When will you do something on my site

  44. I’ve got one for you, the HTML code is

  45. COOLIO

  46. how do you do it with out the mouse showing???????????

  47. cooollll

  48. nice animation 😉

  49. how do u do that???

    Clone:I use camtasia studio wich records my screen and i produce them into an animation keep checking this page because there’ll be more soon!

  50. wait is it a video saved as a gif?

  51. true true… 😛

  52. I can tell that you used Clubpenguin Swfs for the last ones

  53. How do you make those?

    Clone:Download camtasia studio

  54. wow…i make animation with a bunch of pictures! lol…or a video…

  55. Getting better and better man.

    Clone:Thanks wally! you’re getting better too 😀

  56. Me again with an animation of a blue puffle eating : http://www.plunder.com/Blue-Puffle-Eating-download-23f70234.htm

  57. I think you have uploaded my gif wrong, because its trying to go to Users/Noelle/Downloads. You probably need to upload it to your site first.

  58. It’s me again, i’ve made a new animation of a penguin throwing a dodgeball. Don’t you think that Club Penguin should add a dodgeball room like the ice rink and make it permanent? The animation is at http://www.plunder.com/Dodgeball-gif-download-da06d447.htm PLEASE ADD IT!

  59. I have made a cool animation of some penguin trying to tip the iceberg – if you put it on this page I will be really happy. You can download it from http://www.plunder.com/Penguins-Trying-to-Tip-the-Iceberg-gif-download-668b0230.htm

  60. BRILLIANT BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Check out my website and please click on an ad on it.

  61. If anyone doesnt want there account anymor email me at staceyabc@googlemail.com please ill trade it for what ever u want 🙂 ;0

  62. Whats up? My site is http://cpfanatic.wordpress.com Nice animations. Check out my site to see 21 funny animations plus over 150 funny pictures and tons of updates, and a chatbox (bribble) I kind of like your site and was wondering if you’d check out mine

  63. I’ll give out a code too it soon.

  64. NOw it works for 30 days after instalation only!!!!

  65. what is the site you made your gif’s on please say it to me:)

    Clone 787:I used camtasia studio 5 to make them i didnt use any website

  66. Ok, now you may be nominated in my CP Blog Awards in December, for ”Best Animations”.

    Good luck, and keep in touch.
    General Manager of CPBA(CP Blog Awards),

  67. coooool how u make them move like that

    Razza:i use camtasia studio 5 and make them into a gif file format wich allows me to upload them to wordpress.

  68. Everyone im going to make more animation’s soon!

  69. Camtasia was free and i have camtasia! NICE ANIME!

  70. it rox )()()(

  71. lol


  73. if anyone has an account they dont want email me at elitesoulreaper10@gmail.com

  74. HI!

  75. you’re been sooed for suspition of act against copyright, i belive you copied one of my images, the one you call ‘suprise’. i have the copright forms, if you would like to read so remove it or get a heavy fine…

  76. Can you make me one? plz?


  77. Hey, i have a question, is benbo101 allowed to be in the contest? if so, whos winning?

  78. im a member i wanna be ur freind cause i have a cool igloo and im faumous join cp on the day it was made

  79. iv finaaly made an animation.
    all i have to do after the 30 day trail is unistall it then do the installer again,and again and so on lol 😆

  80. hey cool im downloading that.
    ill put this site on on my blogroll.

  81. Umm I Cant Figure Out How In The **** How To Save It As A GIF!

  82. Yeah the trial is but you have to but it after 30 days.
    cpeventer:ni to me on my computer is free and its not a trial it’s a free download

  83. Hey Razza, Ive made loads of animations on CS5 but i cant save them as a gif! Why not! and how do I! I click save, i click the drop arrow on save as type but theres only camrec or something!

    Razza:ok once your done click produce in shrable format and choose gif animation file then save it in your images and and type in the name then click on the image then it will work and u must save it as camrec 1st though

    Mazemaker: Yay thanks! Ok, Shrable format, then I can save it as a gif! Hoorah!

    Razza:if you want you can use my animations on your site

  84. Did you guys but Camtasia Studio 5?
    Razza: no it was free

  85. What do you use to make animationz?
    Mike Cooool: I use Camtasia Studio 5.

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