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Club Penguin Cheat’s

To Spam on Cp Just keep Pressing J on your keyboard & Keep pressing you can stop whenever you want to stop.

2.Rapid Snow Balls
To Throw Rapid Snowballs you press T for target aim then get your cursor To click Keep doing this at whatever you want to Hit.you can stop whenever you want too.

3.Walking in pathway’s
To Walk in Pathway’s Click on where you want To Stand Then open up your Penguin mail & close it after bout 10 second’s Then Your in the pathway! Note:click somewhere else & you will enter Another Room

4.The newest Pin.
The Newest Pin is Located in the dock its a magniying glass.
5.Finding Fred
Fred is The Cukookoo Clock in the Lodge he Come’s out every 30 min’s like he will appear at 6:00 & 6:30
6.Sitting Forward
To sit forward make your Penguin face you And Press “s” on your Keyboard and he will be sitting Forward.

Here are some Hidden Emote’s
ET shows a music note and makes a noise.
EI shows an igloo.
EP shows a blue puffle.
ES shows a skull.
ED shows a sun.
EF shows a flower.
EG shows a game controller.
EH shows a red heart.
EL shows a four leaf clover.
EZ shows a slice of pizza.
EC shows a cup of coffee.
EN shows the moon and stars.
EM shows a coin.
E1 shows a laughing face.
E2 shows a smiley face.
E3 shows a straight face.
E4 shows a frowning face.
E5 shows a surprised face.
E6 shows a face sticking out their tongue.
E7 shows a winking face.
E8 shows a green icky face.
E9 shows a red angry face.
E0 shows an unhappy face.
! shows a large !
? shows a large ?
EQ shows a Srawberry Ice Cream Cone.
EW shows a Chocolate Ice Cream Cone.
8.Long word’s
For Long Word’s press & hold a on your keyboard like aaaaaaaaaaaaaa and it should be out of your chatbox
9.Hidden Location’s

10.Stand at Pathways while playing Find Four
To Do This you Must
1.st place find four
2nd.click on the bottom of the ski lodge door really fast.

11.No Words Cheat
This Cheat Is Very Simple You must click in your spacebar but with nothing in it

12.Hidden Leval In Pizzatron
To see the Hidden Level in Pizzatron Click This lever Shown in the Image.

13.Astro Barrier level Cheat
Ok i dound out this Cheat so if u use it please give me Credit Click 1,2 or 3 on Your Keyboard at the menu on the level and you automaticaly go to that level with a 0 in the end of it
14.Special Dances
To Do some special Dances Go To The psa Head And Look For The Special Dances Page
15.Psa Gear Secret
To Get the night Vision Goggles click THe Spy Glasses in THe psa Gear page
16.1,000 Coin’s in Jetpack
To Get 1,000 Coins in Jetpack Finish All the Levels without getting one coin and you get 1,000!
17.200 Coin’s on dj3k
Stay oline for 5 Minutes Without Doing Anything and You Automatically Get 200 Coin’s
18.Catalog Secret’s
1.Click the blue bit on The Glacier Suit For A Jade Necklace
2.click the wig on the lime green penguin for Viking helmet open & close x4 times for Blue
3.for the mixed braclet click the left pink sneaker
4.Click the left top of the Shield for a woodsman hat
19.Furniture Secret’s

Guitar Stand

Vegetable Garden

Flower Planter


20.Rockhopper key
To Find Rockhopper’s Key Go to the back of his journal located in the book room
21.Freindship Braclet
To Get the Friendship Bracelet Go to the back of Rockhopper & the stormway

22.Change your name
To change your name replace it with one of these characters instead of the original









Update by 1Wally15: To have even more characters, you can hit Start on your screen, and then hit Run.. Then you will get something called Character Map. You can select them all. You don’t need to use any of the above. You can use them though!

23.Talk out of chat bubble
To talk out of the chat bubble keep pressing WWWWWW loads of times until it stop’s it will be out of the bubble 😀

24.secret agent answers
To become a secret agent here are the answers for the quiz
1. Honest.
2. Being mean or rude.
3. Report them.
4. Saying their address.
5. I want to keep Club Penguin Safe.
6. I want to help other penguins.
log off then back on,and your a secret agent!

25.invisible penguin
To have an invisble penguin keep pressing D and hold it and you will appear and dissapear

26.special dances
Here are some special Dance’s It’s not all of them but some of them

More club penguin cheats coming soon!

27.Create more than 5 Account’s on a parent e-mail

1st Click on “Dont have a penguin? Create a free acount now” create

Then just agree toall the rules then pick a colour

Then Enter a name pop

when you type in your e-mail put in +1 at the end of the name before you put @ look in this imageclick

28.Astro barrier secret level’s

When on level 30 wait 30 second’s for a blue ship to appear shoot it and you will go the secret level’s

29.Walk under chat bar

To walk under a chat bar you have to Go the town then Click beside the right of the chat bar then click the left of it and you should walk under it like in this image here:walk-under

30.Club penguin book code’s

Here are some club penguin book code’s but come might not work note:you cant use this more than once when you enter the word on your penguin account

Ultimate Official Guide To Club Penguin:

  • Page 9- Sometimes
  • Page 35 Misses
  • Page 38- Scavenger
  • Page 40- Examples
  • Page 62- Picture
  • Page 63- How
  • Page 64- Fishing
  • Page 65- Storage
  • Page 71- Seats
  • Page 71- Musical
  • Page 73 Search
  • Page 75 Tossing
  • Page 77- Buying
  • Page 101- Donated
  • Page 117- Jerseys
  • Page 118 Squads
  • Page 140 Breeze
  • Page 141 Combined
  • Page 143 Secret
  • Page 155- Queen
  • Page 156- Small
  • Page 169- Start
  • Page 171- Annual
  • Page 175 Crown
  • Page 176- Item
  • Page 179 Penguins
  • Page 182- Actions

Club Penguin Stowaway:

  • Page 6- Mysterious
  • Page 40- Waterfall
  • Page 52- Deck
  • Page 80- Penguin

31.Walk up to door without entering room

Here’s a cheat on how to walk up to a door but not enter the room

1st Click on the door then up penguin mail before you get to the door and you should look like this:jkh

32.Here are the current catalog cheat’s

Light the bulbs in order to get the yellow scarf. (Page 2)
Click the top of the snow tree to get the Russian hat.
Click on the Lighthouse, to get the red hoodie.
Click the penguins eyes for the red helmet. Click four more times for the blue helmet.

33.Read the newspaper without logging on club penguin

If you want to see the new newspaper then click this link here: http://media1.clubpenguin.com/play/v2/content/local/en/news/20081211.swf where it says 1211 you have to change the date the 12 is the month and the eleventh is the date of the month

34.Secret room for Ninja’s

If you have beaten sensei in card jitsu you can go to a secert room its on the left of the door’s to the dojo here is what the room look’s likeroom (Click to enlarge)

35.Friendship Bracelet

To get the friendship bracelet go to rockhopper and stowaway and go to the end for a friendship braceletbracelet_edited-1

72 Responses

  1. if u dont mind get new cheats like the one on the map didnt work and the catolog for the mission isnt there anymore

  2. awesome cheats

  3. thanxs this really did help

  4. Have you got any card jitsu card codes any where?

  5. I don’t get number 23…..does anyone got an idea?

  6. I already know all these things

  7. Heya, how do you make those cool signs?

  8. I wanted clothes cheats. Can any of you tell me where I can find the Club Penguin pj’s?
    It’s unfair!!!! They are cute

  9. u can get a black bowtie if u click on the n on the clearance sign in the catalog

  10. if u click on the k in the penguins at work sign in the catalog u can get a black superhero mask

  11. if u click on the mushroom in the catalog u can get a black cape

  12. if u click on the dojo in the background in the catalog u can get the viking helmet

  13. if u click on the white puffle on the purple penguins head in the gift shop magazine you can get a The Dizzy wig

  14. I got 212 coins on dj3k and he said i would get 200 by not doing anything for 5 minutes.

  15. I aready new all of them

  16. Thanks for telling me about the cheats dude

  17. i have one cheat. if you click the candle in the gift shop you can buy a ghost costum

  18. but you also have good cheats

  19. you liar on 32. i tried but it did not work

  20. I was just asking can i put my cheats in this website cause i have one! in the PBL (paint by letters) it can be found in the library the following are : My Puffle , burnt out bulbs and dojo cleaning

  21. the yellow scarf does not work

  22. wow wow wow sad when thts the last time tht was updated again sad and im makin a site and my pic of my peng is on it and im a BETA

  23. i never new where those night vision goggles were

  24. i know all of those cheats exept the book codes


  26. these cheats are helpful but let me point out astro barriers secret levels are on level 10



  29. dude, its easy, contact me on MSN: mesii0@hotmail.com ill teach you how to make the background!!

  30. your site is realy cool clone!but,i want more cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. oh thankkkkkkk you

  32. clone787 you rock!

  33. hey clone i want to know how to walk on walls on club penguin and become famuos on club penguin.so when you know how to do those things plz tell me tomorrow bye!

  34. i saw a sand castle at the mine it preety cool when they hide pins

  35. any more cheats?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!!!!!!!??????

  36. the new pin is a toy sailboat. And I have a bug in cardjitsu I am a ninja in the game and I defeated sensie and on my penguin I only have white to brown belts and I can’t enter in the hideout and what should I do


  37. i know the newspaper trick.
    First do ”The ’stand on pathways’ glitch.”Then go on the newspaper(front page).Then press ”WE NEED YOU!” on left top corner. Press ”Question”, and (VERY IMPORTANT)DO NOT TYPE ANYTHING!!!!!!. Then press send. Go back to front page. press tab on key board. Type anything, and press enter! ITS REALLY COOL!
    plz give me credit. i worked hard to figure that out

  38. kool! also, how can i ‘walk on walls’? btw the new pin is actually the watermelon and its in the lighthouse 🙂

  39. how do you get more cards when your a nigh

  40. Comment removed.

  41. Comment removed.

  42. coooool

  43. I like the one were u sit in the path! 🙂


  44. gatarcodes

  45. Clone787,Dorian1453 and Agent15642,you guys rock!!!

  46. heyy. nice site (-=
    mines http://shezzi101.wordpress.com

  47. es dosent show the skull emote i tried it loads

  48. Heeeey yo dood you Got any cheets I can put on my web site?
    yo If so E-Mail me PEACE!!!!

  49. yea clone, do u have any codes? if so. i really like some, because i have never had any


  51. ROCK ON!

    Clone:Hey man 😀

  52. hello!i wish u have a cheat for membership tell me immidietly if know some membership cheat.i know many penguins that have some contests and free membership as a prize but i still like to use a cheat han winning a membership prize

  53. hey this is ninja e1! AWSOME SIGHT!

  54. i already knew all these freaking cheats

  55. nice cheats dude you the BOMB:D

  56. go to clubpd go into clubpenguinhq.com and click on money maker

  57. dude theres a thing called penguin storm that like everyone uses. I dont beacause you an get banned and I DONT CHEAT.

  58. helloooo none of these are cheats every1 knows them

    Wally: Some of these cheats are for beginners, you know. Some people might forget. I didn’t even know some of the cheats. Like the book codes? Those get you furious cash sometimes!

  59. hi umm what is the other book code for the ipod

  60. the djk3 thing did not work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. tanx dude

  62. Hey this is an awesome site!!!! I use it really often!!! You guys are so smart!!!! You know Fevers site? Well it really isn’t a cheat site anymore!!!

  63. hey um you know if there is anything besides a red a blue puffle for free?if so plz share.

    Wally: Well, Technically they aren’t free, they are 800 coins! But for Non-Members, the only ones available are the Red and Blue puffles. Sorry!

  64. Hi clone

    sprry if im anoying you a lot but im making my own cp cheats website like you when i publish it can you take look?


    yours sincely


    Clone 787:Sure dude when you make just comment back the url and ill have a look at it 😉

  65. I got to say one more thing
    what server do u go on?

    again your biggest fan


    Clone 787:I go on Frozen but i only go on cp for 15 minutes i go on longer if im hanging out with one of my buddies like cheatgnome or so

  66. This is the coolest site ever i used to go on fevers but this is better

    By rogertaylor2

    p.s-Im gonna tell all my friends

    Clone 787:thanks for the comment dude that means so much ~Clone 787 😉


  68. Really nice blog


    comment back

  69. how do you get a million dollars??

    Razza:if you mean by cp you just play games in 1 hour playing catching waves i got 43,567 coins.

  70. i will update it l8er ~Razza A.K.A ~Clone 787

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