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Fan Art


Do you have some artistic talents, like me, Dorian1453?

Do you want to show off your art, for everyone to see?

Become a popular Club Penguin artist, and send us your art!

Simply email Dorian1453 at: dorian1453@hotmail.com!

We are looking for cool, unique, and loads of imagination!

When it comes to art, there’s plenty to do!

Current Masterpieces:

kurbykudly8‘s Masterpieces:







Thanks for all your drawings so far!

Please send us some more drawings, as we like to see how creative you are!



19 Responses

  1. Hey this is Beebeesan. kurbykudly8 that’s some good art! Anyways, Taddle1 this is a really awesome site! Please view my site at


    Please comment too!

    :mrgreen: ~Beebeesan~ :mrgreen:

  2. I know I saw you but you went somewhere idk where but I wanted to add you but u didnt responed!

  3. Did you see me?

  4. I’m going to send Taddle 1 a email with my picture so be ready! P.S Taddle I saw you on CP!
    Ok! And you did see me!

  5. hey dorian i have some drawingsa ut i cant copy and paste them on my email

  6. p.s. im hoping to win the competition.


  7. I’m gonna send you one!!!


  8. Clone787,Dorian1453 and Agent15642,you guys rock!!!

  9. I made a picture i am going to send, so be ready for it!

  10. I wish i could send in a picture, but i will never draw a better one than one i drew for the snowsculpter contest, and i lost it, so now im pretty sad.

  11. Im sending in another one soon

  12. Thanks

  13. Hey!
    You are an amazing artist!
    Taddle1: I will pass this over to the maker of the work

  14. I’m good at drawing CP penguins. I taught myself how to. I mostly draw Engenge in rare pink clothes and Whitney Pink in rare non member clothes.

  15. Ok i’ll send asap as soon as I get a scanner!


  16. I will try

  17. I submitted

    Dorian1453: Wow! You are very talented! Thank-you very much for your drawings! I hope you’ll send some more, soon! 😉

  18. cool

  19. why??

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