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Funny Pics

Hi guys,

I just made a brand new page called the Funny Pics!You can come and visit this page to get a little laugh!

Sorry Clone787 for not asking you for permission!I just asked Dorian1453 and said sure!

Here are the Funny Pics:

The owl is gone for a nap!

Forest Funny Pic

Ahh!A rock can talk!

Funny Pic

Where’s the band?

Lighthouse Fnny Pic

That dude is throwing snowballs at the floor because he’s mad at the floor!

Snow Fort Funny Pic

He has been waiting for 5 hours to Sled Race!

Ski Hill Funny Pic

 He says that he’s not a Ninja,but he has Ninja Powers!

Ninja Funny Pic

The DJ can’t do his job because no ones there!

DJ Funny Pic

He has been waiting for a waitor for a while now and he has to eat a pizza alone because he has no one and he’s dateless!

Pizza Funny Pic


Well that’s all the Funny Pics!If any other workers have Funny Pics please post them on this page!Thank you!Hope you enjoy all the Funny Pics!More Pics will be added soon!

31 Responses

  1. I have a site, Im not saying mine are better but if you do a bit more no one can tell you are bad!
    Sophstar6513 🙂
    P.S These are better the than any other site! Keep it up and dont listen to mean penguins and peolpe like up the top think like theres no tomorrow
    PSS Dont you think Im good at giving tips

    I belive in you! 🙂

  2. wow these aint funny at all ur doing is just saying “where is everybody” get a sense of humor or throw away ur joke book

  3. lame!!! My website has better pics!!!

  4. How do you make these Agent15642?

  5. Hate Em’. 😀

  6. how do u make close up pics?

  7. Wow not realy funny

  8. lol the ninja one, he’s probly round the bend.

  9. cool i like ur pics my favourite the one with the DJ

  10. non were funny, best was probably the rock one.


    Hey. Im having a puffle paradise in cp. I dont know what server but plz come. Its part of my quest. I cant say what the quest is though………

  12. Ummmm i dont really lol at these but i giggled.


  14. what the hell

  15. not funny not funny not funny not funny not funny not funny not funny not funny not funny this pics stink

  16. these pics are a little boring

  17. 4-10 is your week rate


  19. this is not that funny because you keep on saying where is everybody and stuf like that

  20. lol dam cool pics

  21. cool site visit http://greenyjr.wordpress.com

  22. hey clone i have a question.how can i get people to come to my partys on club penguin????????????????ps:plz tell me how to get rich on cp so i can buy every thing in whatever catolog that i want.bye!

  23. spamming i beileve is saying words over and over again

  24. i dont want to spam here against the rules otherwise

  25. what the hell is spam?

  26. Lol cool
    Agent15642:Thanks!Also Alex Bl 17,you can add funny pics as well because you didn’t get deleted I believe!

  27. COOL!

  28. i like to spam lol

  29. lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol\
    Agent:Lol!Please don’t spam!

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