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Join Club Penguin Avengers

To join CPA, please fill out the following questions in a comment (you need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to leave your comment).

1. Joining Questions:

1.) What is your Club Penguin User name?

2.) Do you have any Army Experience?

3.) How often do you visit Club Penguin?

4.) Will you be active and loyal to CPA?

  • Follow orders given by superior soldiers (those with higher ranks).
  • When fighting, be in the CPA uniform.
  • Don’t attack anyone unless they attack you or a superior soldier orders you too.
  • Don’t fight with other CPA soldiers or allies.
  • Don’t let anyone else claim to be the leader.
  • Be on Club Penguin as much as possible
  • Patrol our servers regularly, and tell everyone you see about CPA!
Here is the basic uniform for soldiers:
(Wear PLAIN Black if you wish!)

Non Members:


Here are a few tips to help new (and old) soldiers.

  • To be well known, make comments and talk in the new posts on the Home Page.
  • Go on Club Penguin a lot, be in CPA uniform, and form groups of CPA soldiers.
  • Go to battles and invasions.

Leave a comment to join!

47 Responses

  1. hiyaaa
    my user name is izzyhart1
    yes i do i used to play pirates online for The Co. Empire
    i visit club penguin everyday if i can
    yes i will be active and loyal to CPA

  2. huh7600
    more than i probably should.
    quite often.
    ya, but i dont have the uniform.

  3. Hello! here is the information you needed!

    (1. Username is : Lux4445

    (2.Yes i have army experience with the club penguin army of darkness.

    (3. I am on club penguin 24/7 (everday of every week)

    (4. Yes! i will be as loyle as possible!!

    thank you!


  4. plz join my army http://mysticcp.wordpress.com/

  5. 1. The Meepy
    2. Yes
    3. all week
    4. Yes.

  6. 1.my cp name is lildonut9
    2.no i havent had any army expirence
    3.yes i will be able to join every cpa meeting

  7. 1. hunter 3210
    2. yes

  8. yes i would and i visit every day

  9. yes i would and i visit club everyday plz let me join plz

  10. 1.clubmaster14
    2.yes im in wolf howl army
    3.6 days a week

  11. Im looking forward to the uniform!!!! (NOT) I dont like wearing all black as a penguin, it is better to be colourful and show your personality.

  12. 1)Ronaldo8902
    2)A Bit (Not in a gang)

  13. i have made a great comeback! people say i am famous!now i am not ultamate safe chat! my favriote server is sleet. well goodbuy!

  14. Farmville is probably the best facebook app.

  15. Pretty cool site. I’ve been playing Club Penguin for a while now.

  16. 1) Teri24356
    2) Yes, I joined the nachos army but retired.
    3) Every weekend, or on summer breaks or anything like that
    4) Of course!!

  17. Hey, I like all your blog posts, keep them coming.

  18. 1.wding
    3.every weekend

  19. 1. Werepyre789

    2. yes

    3. 5 a week
    4 yes i would

  20. coolmido1


    always at holiday but thursday and friday in schooldas


  21. coolmido1
    every thursday and friday

  22. I wonna jion club penguin

  23. hai!
    my username is irfu1
    i do not have an army
    i would log in everyday
    i would be active.

  24. 1. bmxer98
    4.i will be very active and loyal

  25. my fav server is mammoth

  26. i have ultimate safe chat.sorry

  27. its cyberis1 again , meet me on crunch in the night club please

  28. cyberis1,no,hourly,yes

  29. can i join the CPA

  30. tam576. no. every day . yes

  31. ttkid
    i will be very active and loyal

  32. 1. Morganm225
    2. No
    3. 4 a weak
    5. yes

  33. Hello I discovered your webpage by mistake, I was digging around Yahoo for New Designer Fashion when I found your website, I must say your site is very intriguing I truely think the layout, its amazing!. I don’t have the time at the moment to fully browse your webpage but I have bookmarked it and also signed up for your RSS feeds. I will be back in a day or two. Bravo for a great website.

  34. 1.username:mohamed965

    2.no army experience


    4.i will be active and loyal to cpa

  35. 1 JessieLeeG
    2 yes i do
    3 everyday
    4 yes

  36. JessieLeeG


    every day


  37. 1.miley68012

  38. user name:summerbird13
    visit club penguin: almost every day
    loyalty :yes

  39. my name is Fishey2010
    no i don’t
    every day
    yes most defonitly

  40. 1.) What is your Club Penguin User name?

    2.) Do you have any Army Experience?
    -Not yet

    3.) How often do you visit Club Penguin?
    -I try to get on every day, but it’s not that easy…

    4.) Will you be active and loyal to CPA?
    -Would I be here if the answer was no?

  41. 1.cool56613
    2.no i do not have a army experiance
    3.every day

  42. i will be active and loyal and tell every one about the cpa. i will not buly and i do not now much about the army. i will follow orders from high ranked penguins when fighting i will be in the cpa uniform. i will not attack inless superior soldoirs tell me to.i will pretroll earyers as much as possible. and on clubpenguin as much as possible.

  43. my uer name is hulk4992

    i come on club penguin once a week

    i will be active and loyal to the cpa

    i have a army expreince

  44. 2.Yes

    3.5 days a week

    4. I’ll try but after school

    (P.S sry about that last one just say its connected with this one.)

  45. 1.) What is your Club Penguin User name? Mrkrabs987

    2.) Do you have any Army Experience? Yes Im in Ice warriors Nachos Club Penguin Donut Crew

    3.) How often do you visit Club Penguin? Every Day

    4.) Will you be active and loyal to CPA? Yes

  46. 1.my user name is akon3400

    2.yes i do

    3.4 a week

    4.yes i would

  47. Islandgirl09; no; daily; yes

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