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Club Penguin Anniversary Party 2009

Club Penguin Anniversary Party 2009

The Club Penguin 4th anniversary Party Is today and Today Only!Happy Birthday Club Penguin!They Have Deisgned the Coffe shop.Here Is how to get the “Party Hat”

  1. Log onto Club Penguin
  2. Go to the “Coffe Shop”
  3. Hit the “Pinata”
  4. The Party hat Will come out.
  5. Walk over to the Party Hat.
  6. Click yes when It Asks “Would you like to pick this item up”


Club Penguin pin cheat 2009



The new Club Penguin Pin is Located in the “Boiler Room” . It’s a 4th Anniversery Party Cake Pin.

To get it go to the “Town”
Then go to the “Plaza”
Go to the “Pool”
Click on the “Door”
Click on the Pin.

You now have the 4th anniversery Pin.

That’s all for Club Penguin Cheats!


~Clone 787 (I got the site back 😀 )

Fall Fair Game Sneak Peek!

Hey guys, as you might know, the annual Fall Fair will be returning to Club Penguin on September 4th. This is going to be the 3rd annual fall fair, as you guys all know, all the games from previous Fall fairs return. The Games from the 2007 Fall Fair returned in 2008. My Prediction is that the same games will return this year as well!

Last year, there were many games, but one of my favorite was Ring the Bell. It was seen in both of the previous fairs and I have a high opinion it will return this year!

Do you think my prediction is correct? Leave a comment and tell me know what you think.


Series 4 Coin Code Contest


Its time for a Coin Code Contest! Not Just a normal one, but a Series 4 one! Its going to be split into two ways, read on to find out.

To enter, you can play in 2 different methods. You can either draw a picture of Drigerbest on a holiday, and then send me the link to it. You could draw it in real life, or use Paint or be creative as you can! You can upload the Picture to http://tinypic.com and then comment me the link on this post.

You could also win the Coin Code by commenting on this post! Im going to make it different this time. This time the first person to comment 2500 times on this post will receive the Coin Code.

Its up to you now to decide, I personally think the Picture choice is better. I will post the winners picture on my site and I will also post the other entries I receive.

If you wish to play, remember to comment on this post! Comments on other posts wont count!

Fall Fair Exclusive Item Sneak Peek!

First person to send 5-10 WordPress Credits to pleaseplease45@gmail.com, will receive a whole 2 months Admin Rank on this blog! Runners up, 3rd, 4th and 5th will also receive an Author Rank.

Site Under Construction

I Managed To Find An Exclusive Sneak Peek Of a Possible Free Item At The Fall Fair! When You Log Onto Club Penguin, There’s a New Fall Fair Wallpaper, Yeah? Well If you zoom in on the Pink Penguin, It Has a Purple & Black Floppy Hat!


If you also go to the Lighthouse, you will see a Red and yellow striped thing in one of the Preparation boxes, this might be one of the ones the penguin is wearing above but in a differemt colour? Maybe it is the free Item you get at the Members Puffle Circus? Hope my prediction is right, If you want to use this, please give credit to http://clone787.com

Picture 73

I hope my prediction is correct and If you agree with me, please post a comment and let me know. If you have another Theory, comment it and if it is right, I will get you a mystery surprise. Comment and tell me your ideas now!


New Snow and Sports Catalog!

Hey guys, Drigerbest here. The Catalogue has been released but I was quite upset how there were no cheats at all.

There were some pretty cool new items. Check them out below,

Club Penguin Times Issue 202


  Hey everyone! Today on Club Penguin a new newspaper has released. It talks about the upcoming Fair party and also the Migrator spotted in the telescope!


Wow! It’s already going to be fall in a couple days? I can’t believe it! Fall means the Club Penguin  Fair! This party coming September 4-13 will be like no fair ever out of the 3 that Club Penguin has already had.  Get ready to play games, earn tickets and much, much more.


Go out on Club Penguin to the Beacon now and you can sight Rockhopper’s ship “The Migrator”! According to one penguin, he says he is about one week away! That means he will be here for Club Penguin’s Fair! Rockhopper has never stayed to celebrate The Fair before. Also, a puffle trainer says Rockhopper left some instructions last time he was here, and he shall have an awesome thing planned for this upcoming party!

Dont forget to use our Rockhopper Tracker