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Club Penguin Sept – Oct Better Igloos and Igloo Upgrades

Hey everyone, Drigerbest here! Here are all the Catalogue Cheats!

sept better igloos cover

Sept – Oct Better Igloos

sept better igloos page1

You can now buy the Puffle Bean Bag we chose as a You Decide item a month ago!

  • Computer Desk – 900 Coins
  • Puffle Bean Bag – 350 Coins
  • Funky Bookshelf – 550 Coins
  • Puzzle Floor – 200 Coins
  • Wall Chalkboard – 410 Coins

sept better igloos page2

Some old Fall Fair Furniture Items came back!

  • Ticket Booth – 580 Coins
  • Popcorn Machine – 1,000 Coins
  • Velvet Rope – 160 Coins
  • Circus Ball – 170 Coins
  • Ferris Wheel Chair – 760 Coins

Sept – Oct Better Igloo Cheats

sept better igloos cheat1

Click the Ticket Booth for the Piano (4,000 Coins).

sept better igloos cheat2

Click the Window for the Bowling Alley (700 Coins).

sept better igloos cheat3

sept better igloos cheat4

Click the knobs on the Stove for the Fridge (700 Coins).

sept better igloos cheat5

Click the record on the Gramophone for the Band Stage (800 Coins).

sept better igloos cheat6

sept better igloos cheat7

Click the mixing gear on the DJ Table for the Wall Speaker (800 Coins).

sept better igloos cheat8

sept better igloos cheat9

Click the lights on the Construction Barrier for the Bowling Pin (40 Coins).

sept better igloos cheat10

Click the Stone Column for the Guitar Stand (300 Coins).

sept better igloos cheat11

Click the fire in the Torch for the LCD TV (2,500 Coins).

Wow, lots of sweet cheats! Theres also a new Igloo Upgrades Catalog!

Igloo Upgrades

sept igloo upgrades cover

Igloo Upgrade Cheats

igloo upgrade cheat1

Click the Crowbar on the top corner of the page for the Secret Stone Igloo (2,000 Coins).

igloo upgrade cheat4

Click the Door of the Deluxe Snow Igloo for the Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo (5,000 Coins).

igloo upgrade cheat3

Click Candy four times for the Gingerbread House (2,100 Coins).

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know now!



Club Penguin Times #205

Hey everyone, the new newspaper was released today! It has everything you need! Ninja news, Sensei Scavenger hunt! Alot! Have you read it yet?

Click the image below to start reading the whole newspaper easily!

Club Penguin Sensei Scavenger Hunt Cheats!

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The Sensei is in Club Penguin! Use my tracker to track Sensei fast!!!


Hey everyone, this is amazing news. Sensei has put up a Scavenger Hunt and The Dojo Hideout is being constructed.

Here are the Sensei Scavenger Hunt cheats, Im first to post this, so be sure to use this Guide.

The first one, the fire is at the Ski Lodge. Click the Fire and it will glow white.

Go to the Pizza Parlour and click the Hot Sauce,

Then go to the Lantern at the Dojo Courtyard,

Then to go the Beacon and click the Jetpack for the next hunt,

Now go to the Book Room and get the Candle,

Now go to the Cove and click near the Fire,

Now go to the Mine Shack and click the Lantern,

Finally go to the Pet Shop and click the Black Puffle at the top left,

The Prize is a Fire pin, check it out on my Player Card,

Wow. What do you think of the Sensei Scavenger Hunt? I think its awesome! Leave a comment and let me know now!!!