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Club Penguin June – July Clothing Catalog cheats & secrets

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry this is the 1st time I posted in ages,I was on holidays,Anyways,Here are tall the Club Penguin Cheats and Secrets for this months Club Penguin Clothing Catalog.Here is the Cover of the Catalog:

Canteen Cheat:Go to “Page 2” of the Club Penguin Clothing Catalog.Click on the Rock at the lower left corner

Crystal staff cheat:Go to Page “4” and Click on the Shadow near the top left Corner

Woodsman Hat Cheat:Ok.Stay on the same page then,Click on the window to the right and you will get the “Woodsman” hat

Blue Dragon Costume Cheat:Go to Page 5 and Click on the Dragon shadow near the right in the Background

Black Graduation Cap:Click on the Cup on the table to get the Black graduation Cap

Viking Helmet:Go to the clearence page (2nd clearence page) click on the  dark shadow piece betwwen the 2 spotlights

Open and close x4 times for the Blue one


About Billybob

Hey Everyone!!

Not much happening,so i decided to make a Post About BillyBob.He is a Club Penguin Moderator and the founder of Club Penguin.I met BillyBob about 1 year ago (Check my archives for february 2008).

BillyBob logs onto Club Penguin every few month’s,I Found BillyBob on Mammoth a Year Ago and he used to dress like this:

For some Reason the Club Penguin Moderator Billybob didn’t show his `M` Sign I don’t know why though.

Club Penguin is a game from Canada made by BillyBob.

Well that’s really all the info i have on BillyBob I will have more news tomorrow .

Aunt Arctic Tracker

Hey Everyone!!

Aunt Arctic has recently been seen Roaming the Backstage’s of Club Penguin I only Found Aunt Arctic Not to Long Ago She Give’s out a Free Background

The server’s Aunt Arctic Visit’s the most are

  • Blizzard
  • Mammoth
  • Frozen
  • Fjord
  • Deep Freeze

I have a Tracker wich should Tell where Aunt Arctic is keep Refreshing too find her


Last seen:Blizzard

Keep Refreshing!

Also visit here for Club Penguin Cheats: http://cheatsofcp.com/

Club Penguin Aunt arctic finding tips

Hey Everyone!!

If you didn’t know,But Aunt Arctic is going around club Penguin for a couple of week’s and here are some tips on finding Aunt Arctic

  • Aunt Arctic Is a green Penguin who wears a “Pink hat” and “A pencil”
  • She only does be Backstage so only members can see her
  • Shes is on at peak hours and she goes on servers such as Frozen,Mammoth and Blizzard them types of servers
  • Any servers that aren’t very popular and it’s crowded she’s most likely to be there
  • Here is what Aunt Arctics player Card looks like

  • If the Plaza is ever full Or Backstage is It’s most likely to be her

You can also meet other Penguins such as The Penguin Band,Gary and cadence So Far i have only Met “The Penguin Band” and “Cadence” the last time i Saw Cadence she was on Frozen

 If you see Gary or Aunt Arctic Please let me know!