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Club Penguin Anniversary Party 2009

Club Penguin Anniversary Party 2009

The Club Penguin 4th anniversary Party Is today and Today Only!Happy Birthday Club Penguin!They Have Deisgned the Coffe shop.Here Is how to get the “Party Hat”

  1. Log onto Club Penguin
  2. Go to the “Coffe Shop”
  3. Hit the “Pinata”
  4. The Party hat Will come out.
  5. Walk over to the Party Hat.
  6. Click yes when It Asks “Would you like to pick this item up”


Club Penguin New Wallpaper

Have you checked the Club Penguin Community Page? Did you know there is going to be an Igloo Contest soon? Club Penguin have made a new wallpaper related to the Igloo Contest. Check it out,

In the background, we can see a Construction worker carrying boxes. Maybe this has got to do with the construction happening lately in Club Penguin! What do you think? Overall, this wallpaper looks pretty cool. Tell me your thoughts by leaving a comment.


Club Penguin Series 2 Card Jitsu Review!

Hey everyone, Drigerbest here. I recently got the latest version of the Club Penguin Card Jitsu Series 2 packs. Club Penguin and Topps released it a week ago and I have already got it! Sweet. Drigerbest is going to give you a cool review of the latest Card Jitsu Cards,


When you get any of the Card Jitsu Single packs you will receive a Sticket Sheet, customize your penguin sheet, a power card and a code to unlock the cards on Club Penguin.

Card Jitsu Double Pack:

I also received the Card Jitsu Double-Pack of cards! In this double pack of cards, you can find two brand new series 2 Card Jitsu packs. A total of 16 series 2 cards! Once you purchase the Club Penguin Card Jitsu Double-Pack of cards, you will find 2 customize your penguin cards, 2 sticker sheets, 2 brand new Power Cards, and 2 unlock items online codes! You will also receive a bonus Pop-Up Card Jitsu Card. So many, maybe I will release some soon… Maybe at 500,000 hits!

Rare Golden Sensei Card:

In 1 in 18 Card Jitsu packs, you have a chance of finding this amazing new Rare Golden Sensei Card! This card completes the whole series 2 Card Jitsu set. The Rare Golden Sensei Card is a very special card to unlock. If you can find this card in a pack, you can unlock several things. First off, you can unlock 6 new power cards for your online Card Jitsu deck! Or, you can jump to the next level of belts on your penguin. So, you get to skip one whole belt. My tip is, you should wait until you are a brown belt and then you can skip to the final Black Belt!

Wow. That was a long review! Woot, we are nearly on 500,000 hits. Once we get that many hits, I am going to have a crazy Card Jitsu Giveaway! Stay tuned. Check out our Twitter and make sure you follow us! Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the Series 2 Card Jitsu Cards and this review!

You Decide: A Costume for the Stage!

If you look at the color of the 3 gnomes, they are grey. Just like the sensei! Maybe our next Penguin Color will be Grey! Thanks to Saraapril.

There’s no doubt – costumes are always a hot topic around here! The Halloween edition of the Penguin Style catalog comes out this Friday and it’s gonna be stuffed full of costumes. Make sure to get to the Gift Shop early so you and your buddies have lots of time to get ready for the Halloween party at the end of October.

And speaking of costumes, can you help us out with one? In November we’re presenting a brand new play at the Stage – and one of the characters is a Gnome! It’d be cool if you could help decide what his outfit should look like.

What outfit did you vote for? Leave a comment and tell me. I voted for the 2nd one. Go ahead and vote for your favourite now.

Club Penguin Series 4 Treasure book *SPOILER ALERT!!*

Hey Everyone!!

Yesterday,Club Penguin had released an unreleased Club Penguin Treasure book!This Club Penguin Treasure book is the 4Th in the series.This has some pretty awesome Items!I wonder when it will be released?Anyways,In the Images below you’ll see the New Treasure book Items and the new treasure book itself.Credit to chinsetakout for these Images.








Well Guy’s,That’s all for Club Penguin Cheats

Club Penguin new 5 server Update cheats

Hey Everyone!!

Club Penguin Has released 5 New servers probably because nearly All of Club Penguins servers are Crowded and are always full.The name os fhte 5 new servers are called Dry Ice, Glacial, Patagonia, Sasquatch, and Snow Covere.Whats with the names? They’re just odd.The image below will show the 5 New Club Penguin servers as shown while logging on to Club Penguin


Also Authors,I’m being more serious and keeping more of an eye on your posts.IF You want to stay over your next few poss,I advice to

  • Post the Updates when you find that they occur.
  • Try to have a 100 minimum per post.That’s what I always do.
  • When you post please don’t post more than twice in 1 day.There is a posting limit starting today and the person who post’s the 3rd after it’s been posted twice,They’ll be removed from the site.

Authors Please do this.I’m looking for editors with Good image editing and good Grammar.Please comment and I’ll look at your site and I’ll check it out!

Well Guy’s,That’s all for Club Penguin Cheats!

Dj Cadence Tracker 100% accurate and Club Penguin cheats

Hey Everyone!!

Here are some Tips on how-to-find-Dj-Cadence-On-Club-Penguin Cheats.Please send your resume to work here @ redrocket@live.ie and I will choose the one with the most expierience.Here are some Tips to help you find Dj Cadence on Club Penguin.

  1. Dj Cadence Is a Pink Penguin with green headphones and Purplke hair with a multi-coloured scarf.
  2. Dj Cadence you canOnly find her on the roof of the night Club.
  3. Dj Cadence gives out a Free background once you find her.
  4. Dj cadence is Always being crowded,so to get to her player card,Click on the users in room list and Click on “Cadence”
  5. If you see Dj Cadence,Please say it on http://xat.com/Clone787
  6. Dj Cadence goes on Club Penguin at the Peek hours of Club Penguin.
  7. Here is An Image of Dj Cadence’s Club Penguin Player Card

I Will Post more Club Penguin Cheats and Tips later!