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Club Penguin Anniversary Party 2009

Club Penguin Anniversary Party 2009

The Club Penguin 4th anniversary Party Is today and Today Only!Happy Birthday Club Penguin!They Have Deisgned the Coffe shop.Here Is how to get the “Party Hat”

  1. Log onto Club Penguin
  2. Go to the “Coffe Shop”
  3. Hit the “Pinata”
  4. The Party hat Will come out.
  5. Walk over to the Party Hat.
  6. Click yes when It Asks “Would you like to pick this item up”


Storm On Club Penguin Gets Worse

Storm On Club Penguin Gets Worse

Hey Everyone!!

The storm on “Club Penguin” Is getting Worse,As it is viewable from 5 more Rooms.These Rooms are

  • The Town
  • The plaza
  • Snow Forts
  • The Dock
  • The beach
  • Dojo Courtyard
  • Ski hill
  • mine Shack
  • Ski village
  • Iceberg

The Storm Is prediticted at Club Penguin for the 27th which is the same Day as the Halloween Party!These 2 will have something in common and will have the party even more fun!What effect do you think the storm will have on Club Penguin ? Make sure to keep checking back everyday for more & more Club Penguin cheats,News,Secrets and events as we are Updated every day.I am in need of a Club Penguin membership.Whoever gives me a “One month” membership I will give them

A chance to work here.
Put there ad on this site
Mention your name with a hyperlink in a few of my posts.

Thanks Guys!

~Clone 787

Club Penguin pin cheat 2009



The new Club Penguin Pin is Located in the “Boiler Room” . It’s a 4th Anniversery Party Cake Pin.

To get it go to the “Town”
Then go to the “Plaza”
Go to the “Pool”
Click on the “Door”
Click on the Pin.

You now have the 4th anniversery Pin.

That’s all for Club Penguin Cheats!


~Clone 787 (I got the site back 😀 )

Club Penguin 2009 Halloween Party Haunted House Sneak Peek!

I am going to be adding a ”Poll of the week” You can currently vote in the poll on the left of the website.

Hey everyone, the halloween party is coming soon to Club Penguin! Check out this sneak peek of the Haunted house at the Mine, please give credit If you use this image,

What do you think the free item is? This halloween party is going to be spook-tacular! Are you going trick or treat? I sure am and this time, I hope to get some candy!

Club Penguin Official Stage Playbook Book Codes!

Hey everyone, I managed to get some codes for the new Official Stage Playbook! They are not alot but If you keep refreshing, Im sure you will come across the right question! You unlock 2000 coins for this book!

1) Log into Club Penguin and click the Official Stage playbook

2) Enter any of the following codes below,

Q. What word is on page 3, 5 words from the left on line 14?
A. Flipper

Q. What word is on page 3, 2 words from the left of line 12?
A. Acting

Q. What word is on page 3, 5 words from the left of line 3?
A. Bright

Q. What word is on page 3, 7 words from the left on line 5?
A. Show

3) This is how it looks like once you get your coins,

Enjoy your 2000 coins! Special thanks to Matre10, Chrisdog93 and Spq96 for the codes above.

Club Penguin Issue #210!

Click here and follow me for a chance to win a Series 5 Coin Code!

Hey everyone, the new newspaper was released today! Check it out below,

Here are the upcoming events of the newspaper! On October 27 we have a Halloween party!


Click the link below to view the newspaper,

Club Penguin Happy77 talks to a party planner!

I am currently making a Fame eBook for you guys to read! It wont be free, it will cost:

2 Card Jitsu Codes


2 Coin Codes (to unlock items)


1 Month Membership

Anyone that buys it will also get a free week of Ad space (Over 10,000 hits to earn)

I will get it ready and I will tell you as soon as possible!

Billybob updated the Whats new blog and he speaks about the 4th Anniversary Party on Club Penguin this Saturday!

This Saturday is really exciting because it’s Club Penguin’s 4th Anniversary! We’re all stoked to party in the Town Center and Coffee Shop. I can’t wait to get the new hat. This’ll be my 4th!! I tried to get some info from some of the team who’s helping with the planning.

Is it challenging to make such a HUGE cake for the Anniversary Party? Doesn’t it make you hungry?
It sure does. That is why being a cake maker requires extreme self control (but I did go home and make a giant cake anyhow…)!

What’s your fave party from the past year & why?
Definitely the Medieval party! Putting on my fish knight costume and waddling amongst the dragons and fellow gallant adventurers was an experience of epic proportions!

Lots of readers are really curious about the colors of the party hat this year. What can you tell us?
Haha, part of being a super party planner is not revealing secrets. I can tell you was that it was my favorite color combination ever! So I’m super excited to share! But not ’til Saturday.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see… Bring your friends and your best memories. Remember: One day only!

Wow. I will have the cheats posted here as early as I can for all you rocking fans! Here is an edit I made, the hat colours are confirmed, so get ready to see something like them in the anniversary party.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to the party? Comment and tell me what you think.