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New Exclusive Mini Party!

Check This Out, Since I Have Not Had Ta Mini – Party For a Long Time. I Decided That Today Would Be a Great Time To Have a Rocking Mini Party On Club Penguin. I Will Be Featuring Penguins and I May Even Give a Special Prize To The Most Active Penguin. Here’s The Details For The Party.

When: Thursday 16th July (Today)

Time: 12:00 P.M Penguin Standard Time

Room: Dock

Sever: Snowfall

I Hope Lots Of Penguins Arrive At This Mini Party. I Will Be Adding 5 Penguins To My Buddy List and Sending Out Tons Of Postcards! See You There Everyone!

-Salty, Club Penguin Cheats President


Super – Exclusive Summer Party 09 Review!

Hey Everyone! I Just Finished My Super – Cool Exclusive Summer Party 09! We Visited Lots Of Diffrent Rooms Such As The Nightclub, Ski Hill, Cove, My Igloo, Icebreg, Dock And Many More! I added Lots Of People And Sent Out Tons Of Postcards! I hope You all enjoyed That Party As Much As I Did. So Heres The Review.

We Started At The Cove And We Raised The Roof!


Next, We Went To The Ski Hill And Sled Raced. Unfortuanlty I think i lost all the Races!


Thirdy, We Headed Into The NightClub To Get Our Groove On!


Then We Travelled To The Dock, Where We Collected a Whole Bunch Of Other Party Lovers!


Our Final Destination Was My Igloo, Dj Bear Spined Some Awesome Tunes For Us.


That Was One Awesome Party With tons of penguins wanting to party! Unfortually I can only choose 2 featured Penguins. Lots of other penguins were awesome. But These Two Stood Out To Me!

Firstly, Vinny60. He’s Really Kept The Party Lively And He Kept Shouting Complements Such As “Salty Rocks”.


Secondly, Graysnow. He Rocked The House! He really raised The Roof And He Kept Giving Me Ideas of Games And Rooms!


Sorry If You Didnt Get Featured! I hope you all had fun at the party because my next party wont be for a while! I tried To Send Everyone There a postcard But Some Of Your Mail-Boxes Were Full. Did You Get a Postcard? Comment With Your Answer!

Well Thats All For Now. Keep Visiting For More Club Penguin Cheats! Waddle On!

Club Penguin June – July Clothing Catalog cheats & secrets

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry this is the 1st time I posted in ages,I was on holidays,Anyways,Here are tall the Club Penguin Cheats and Secrets for this months Club Penguin Clothing Catalog.Here is the Cover of the Catalog:

Canteen Cheat:Go to “Page 2” of the Club Penguin Clothing Catalog.Click on the Rock at the lower left corner

Crystal staff cheat:Go to Page “4” and Click on the Shadow near the top left Corner

Woodsman Hat Cheat:Ok.Stay on the same page then,Click on the window to the right and you will get the “Woodsman” hat

Blue Dragon Costume Cheat:Go to Page 5 and Click on the Dragon shadow near the right in the Background

Black Graduation Cap:Click on the Cup on the table to get the Black graduation Cap

Viking Helmet:Go to the clearence page (2nd clearence page) click on the  dark shadow piece betwwen the 2 spotlights

Open and close x4 times for the Blue one

New Login Screen!

Hey Penguins!

Club Penguin was updated with loads of new things on Club Penguin! First, there’s a new login screen:


Next, there’s some new igloo music!!!


And, some pretty neat Card-Jitsu updates are here!


The Sensei will send you postcards whenever you earn a  new belt!!


Well, that’s all for the updates! Check back soon for the Snow & Sports catalog cheats!


20,000 Hits Party!!

Update: Lettuce forgot to put the time on the invite! The time will be 10am PST (Penguin standard time) Hope you can make it! 😀

Hey guys, Lettucejr posting!

Our hits are stearing up fast. So, We think its time for a party! 😀 It’s Going To Be a 20,000 hits party. Here is the invite:


If you cant read what it says. Here is what’s Written:

When: April 25, 2009 (Saturday)

Why: 20,000 hits! 😀

Who: Salty, Lettucejr & Painted Dark

Where: Sleet, Dock

Though, we will be moving to different places. We will also play games like Find-Four, Sled Race, etc..

I hope to see you all there. Lettucejr, Salty, and Painted Dark will be adding everyone at the party. Even if we are FULL we will delete people that dont come on much anymore to make room for you.

Bye for now! 😉

Club Penguin free items history

Hey Everyone!!

As you already know,This site will be having an improvement project in April so i decided to make a post on the history of free Club Penguin item’s.This post is a sneak peak of some new Page’s we will Have.

Beta testing party:The Rare Club Penguin beta testing Hat :

Server testing:You could get a black and pink toque and in 2008 a red hard hat.

Christmas party 2005:You could get the White beard and The Santa Hat

Winter Luau:You could get a free red orange lei :

Valentines party: Here you could get a black bot tie,Red sunglasses and blue sunglasses:

Pizza party:Here you could get a free pizza hat and an Apron

St Patricks party:2006:A Free shamrock hat.2007:Shamrock hat 2008 : Big green hat 2009: Accordian and shamrock hat:

April fools: 2006 Red propeller cap 2007 :blue propeller cap 2008 :Red propeller Cap

This is only a sneak peak,Page coming soon!

That’s it for club penguin cheats !

Coin Code Party Invite!

Hey Guys, Salty Posting! Alot of penguins want a club penguin toy code right? so i am having a party and i will take pictures of the most active and they will go into a poll and the winner gets a series 2 coin code for the treasure book!

Cant Read?


When: Thursday 19th

Time: 10PST (6pm english time)

Sever: Sleet

Place: Dock

I hope to see you there & good luck!