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Club Penguin June – July Clothing Catalog cheats & secrets

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry this is the 1st time I posted in ages,I was on holidays,Anyways,Here are tall the Club Penguin Cheats and Secrets for this months Club Penguin Clothing Catalog.Here is the Cover of the Catalog:

Canteen Cheat:Go to “Page 2” of the Club Penguin Clothing Catalog.Click on the Rock at the lower left corner

Crystal staff cheat:Go to Page “4” and Click on the Shadow near the top left Corner

Woodsman Hat Cheat:Ok.Stay on the same page then,Click on the window to the right and you will get the “Woodsman” hat

Blue Dragon Costume Cheat:Go to Page 5 and Click on the Dragon shadow near the right in the Background

Black Graduation Cap:Click on the Cup on the table to get the Black graduation Cap

Viking Helmet:Go to the clearence page (2nd clearence page) click on the  dark shadow piece betwwen the 2 spotlights

Open and close x4 times for the Blue one


Screenhog talks about Rockhopper's Migrator!

Check Below To See Newspaper Cheats! 😉

Well…The Title Says it all!

Do you know those puzzles where you have a picture with a whole bunch of stuff in it, and you have to find a specific thing? Well, the Migrator is a great place to play this game!

Rockhoppers Ship Secrets!

Rockhoppers Ship Secrets!


The artists hid a lot of stuff on Rockhopper’s ship when they built it. Ready to play? Explore the Migrator and try and find all of these things:
– A crown
– 7 treasure chests
– 3 puffle toys (one for the black puffle, one for the purple puffle, one for the blue puffle)
– The camera that was given to Rockhopper by Aunt Arctic
– 9 barrels
– A set of golf clubs
– 2 flags that can wave in the breeze
– 2 green buckets
– Yarr’s bed
– A feather
– A mop
– Bambadee’s friendship bracelet (read “Rockhopper and the Stowaway” in the Book Room if you don’t know what this is)
– A purple octopus

Found all of these? Need one more challenge? OK, try and find the OTHER purple octopus.

In other news: Tomorrow is the first day to adopt a white puffle! Woop (Check Back Here For All The Cheats)

Also there is a new penguin styles catalog and its gonna be sweeeet! So make sure you come here first because we update FIRST!

Keep On Waddlin because if you dont you have a real problem…


Club penguin cheats :white puffle party

If you log onto Club Penguin you’ll see that the Puffle Party must be extended for Rockhopper’s visit :clone with the pink puffle's So while the party’s still on,make sure to get your puffle bandana at the cove free bandana at the cove :D  I actually only got it now :O

That’s it for club penguin cheats !

Club penguin puffle cheats

Hey everyone!!

The puffles on club penguin will now interact with their furniture these image’s below show an example:

When there sleepingpuf

When the puffle’s are playing:club penguin yellow puffles when the're playing

When the’re drinking:yellow puffle drinking

Well, that’s it for club penguin cheats !

Club penguin cheats: consturction and new pin

Hey everyone!!

Sorry i didn’t update earlier but here are club penguin cheat’s 😀 :

There is a construction going on for the Puffle Party in the town ski village and the plaza construction-in-town-cp-cheatsconstruction construction2Click to enlarge

you can also climb up the ladders

The new club penguin pin is in the mine shack:pin

That’s it for club penguin cheats !

Celebrate pufles

Hello Penguins!

You’ve been asking for a really, really long time about doing more with your puffles in Club Penguin, especially with their furniture. We’ve been working on it, and we’re really excited to hear what you think.

It all starts in February! This month we’re going to be celebrating puffles like we never have before!
pufflesStarting on Feb. 13th, try putting some puffle furniture to your igloo and check out what happens when your puffles see it! Puffles playing more in igloos is just the start — later this month there are a few more puffle surprises including a great big Puffle Party! The party will start February 20, but I”ll have more details about that next week.

Tell us about your puffles – and let us know what you think about the upcoming puffle celebrations!!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Clone:This party sounds like fun what do you think? leave a comment