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Storm On Club Penguin Gets Worse

Storm On Club Penguin Gets Worse

Hey Everyone!!

The storm on “Club Penguin” Is getting Worse,As it is viewable from 5 more Rooms.These Rooms are

  • The Town
  • The plaza
  • Snow Forts
  • The Dock
  • The beach
  • Dojo Courtyard
  • Ski hill
  • mine Shack
  • Ski village
  • Iceberg

The Storm Is prediticted at Club Penguin for the 27th which is the same Day as the Halloween Party!These 2 will have something in common and will have the party even more fun!What effect do you think the storm will have on Club Penguin ? Make sure to keep checking back everyday for more & more Club Penguin cheats,News,Secrets and events as we are Updated every day.I am in need of a Club Penguin membership.Whoever gives me a “One month” membership I will give them

A chance to work here.
Put there ad on this site
Mention your name with a hyperlink in a few of my posts.

Thanks Guys!

~Clone 787


Club Penguin Storm Guaranteed!

Army Battle over! Our next battle is being arranged… If you would like to battle us, comment on this post and I will reply.


Hey everyone, I am 100% sure that there will be a Club Penguin storm this Halloween! I have got some news so check it out,

This is how the sea looks like through the binoculars,


Once we get a storm, the sea will change and it will look like this,


If you look at the Newspaper Issue 208 you can see a penguin looking up at the sky. The sky also looks stormy,


Maybe that is a clue to Club Penguin having a storm! It looks similar enough and I even emailed Club Penguin about this and all they told me is to wait and see… What do you think? Comment and tell me!