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Club Penguin Anniversary Party 2009

Club Penguin Anniversary Party 2009

The Club Penguin 4th anniversary Party Is today and Today Only!Happy Birthday Club Penguin!They Have Deisgned the Coffe shop.Here Is how to get the “Party Hat”

  1. Log onto Club Penguin
  2. Go to the “Coffe Shop”
  3. Hit the “Pinata”
  4. The Party hat Will come out.
  5. Walk over to the Party Hat.
  6. Click yes when It Asks “Would you like to pick this item up”


Club Penguin pin cheat 2009



The new Club Penguin Pin is Located in the “Boiler Room” . It’s a 4th Anniversery Party Cake Pin.

To get it go to the “Town”
Then go to the “Plaza”
Go to the “Pool”
Click on the “Door”
Click on the Pin.

You now have the 4th anniversery Pin.

That’s all for Club Penguin Cheats!


~Clone 787 (I got the site back 😀 )

Club Penguin Series 2 Card Jitsu Review!

Hey everyone, Drigerbest here. I recently got the latest version of the Club Penguin Card Jitsu Series 2 packs. Club Penguin and Topps released it a week ago and I have already got it! Sweet. Drigerbest is going to give you a cool review of the latest Card Jitsu Cards,


When you get any of the Card Jitsu Single packs you will receive a Sticket Sheet, customize your penguin sheet, a power card and a code to unlock the cards on Club Penguin.

Card Jitsu Double Pack:

I also received the Card Jitsu Double-Pack of cards! In this double pack of cards, you can find two brand new series 2 Card Jitsu packs. A total of 16 series 2 cards! Once you purchase the Club Penguin Card Jitsu Double-Pack of cards, you will find 2 customize your penguin cards, 2 sticker sheets, 2 brand new Power Cards, and 2 unlock items online codes! You will also receive a bonus Pop-Up Card Jitsu Card. So many, maybe I will release some soon… Maybe at 500,000 hits!

Rare Golden Sensei Card:

In 1 in 18 Card Jitsu packs, you have a chance of finding this amazing new Rare Golden Sensei Card! This card completes the whole series 2 Card Jitsu set. The Rare Golden Sensei Card is a very special card to unlock. If you can find this card in a pack, you can unlock several things. First off, you can unlock 6 new power cards for your online Card Jitsu deck! Or, you can jump to the next level of belts on your penguin. So, you get to skip one whole belt. My tip is, you should wait until you are a brown belt and then you can skip to the final Black Belt!

Wow. That was a long review! Woot, we are nearly on 500,000 hits. Once we get that many hits, I am going to have a crazy Card Jitsu Giveaway! Stay tuned. Check out our Twitter and make sure you follow us! Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the Series 2 Card Jitsu Cards and this review!

Club Penguin Aqua Colour added to list!

Hey everyone, the Club Penguin colour Aqua has been added! Thanks to Saraapril and Somfi for the tip. You rock! If you wish to make an account with Aqua, go ahead!

Woot! Are you following us on Twitter? If not, click here now because I am going to have a Card Jitsu Contest soon!

Club Penguin Reviewed by you!

Hey everyone, Drigerbest here. Club Penguin have added another Reviewed by you post on the Club Penguin Whats new blog. Here is the one that Club Penguin picked of opinions of the Card Jitsu cards.

Wow, I love all of the Card-Jitsu cards, it’s so hard to choose a favorite! If I had to pick, I’d go with the Keeper of the Boiler Room card! It’s so funny to use it during a match and watch our opponent fall down the speaker! It’s also cute to see the little green puffle become part of the action! I love it so much! Waddle on!

Boiler Room.jpg

Thanks, Hnwjanuary11! We loved hearing about all your favorite Power Cards. As always, if there’s a Card-Jitsu card that you’ve always wanted to see, let us know!

For this week’s Reviewed By You, we’re looking ahead to October and one of the biggest parties that hits the island every single year. We wanna know what Club Penguin Halloween costume has stuck in your mind as the ultimate!!

I made a comment, I hope it gets picked next week! What do you think? Did you leave a comment? Comment and let me know!

Secret Ninja Letter

If this post or this idea is used on your site, there must be a PROPER LINK DIRECTED TO MY SITE! If you dont, I will email your Blog Host immediately.

Today, I was looking through Club Penguin and I remembered something that most of you have forgot! I checked back through the old newspapers and I found the correct one. I searched and searched until I found the 160th Issue. Here is why I searched for it:

Remember the Ninja Amulet and its elements? Fire, water and snow! In the 160th Issue Newspaper, I found the secret Ninja Letter. Here is how it looked like,

It said ”Fire, Water Snow the triangle of power. Your journey’s first step.”

If mastering the Card Jitsu cards and being a Ninja was the first step, I’m suggesting the fire path to the Volcano is our second step.

I also noticed the Black Puffles in Club Penguin a few weeks ago. When you’d walk up to them in your ninja suit they would catch fire. I investigated this more and found this:

Black Puffle: Catches on Fire

Red/Pink Puffle: Likes water and Surfing

White Puffle: Likes snow, can freeze stuff with its breath

They all respond to the Ninja Amulet Elements! What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know. Click here to read the 160th Newspaper.

Club Penguin 4 Year Anniversary Party Date confirmed!

Today is September 24th! Its a really special day to Club Penguin and maybe to some others as well. Do you know what It is? Let me tell you: In exactly 1 month from now, Club Penguin will be celebrating their 4 Year Anniversary party. Club Penguin anniversaries are always a big thing and this year its going to be bigger! Some of you may have not been to the older parties, so here is how it looked like and at the end, I have a super possibility of the new Party hat.

Lets start with 2006:

Club Penguin had their first party on October 24th 2006. The free item was the blue and green party hat.


Club Penguin had their second party on October 24th 2007. The free item was the yellow and orange party hat.


Club Penguin had their third party on October 24th 2008. The free item was the Blue, Orange and yellow party hat.


This year the party will be on October 24th 2009. There will also be a new party hat because the same ones never come again the next year. The party will take place at the Coffee shop! What color do you think the new hat combination will be? This is a prediction of what I think it will look like, (If I’m right I will buy myself an ice cream :D)

Im sure Club Penguin will release a lot more information about the party. I thought It would be cool If I let you awesome fans know in advance. Thanks to Jmann93 for the idea.

Leave a comment and tell me whether you are looking forward to the 4th Year Club Penguin Party.