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Club Penguin Furniture new cheats June – July 2009

Hey Everyone!!

Club Penguin released a new Furniture Catalog Today And its the June 2009 Edition.To see the furniture catalog go to your igloo,Click on the “Edit” button,And click on the Catalog.Here are the Cheats for the Furniture Catalog

  1. Page 1:Click the Fire torch to get the LCD Television (Cost is 2500 Coins)
  2. Page 3:Click on the medieval banner to get an Ice sculpture of a Penguin
  3. Page 4:Click on the first part of the poodle plant to get the whellbarrow
  4. Page 5:On page 5 on the garden,Click on the right piece of the Corn and you’ll get a “Picket Fence”


~Clone 787


New Club Penguin newspaper Cheats

Hey Everyone!!

A new Club Penguin newspaper came out today and its issue #192 wow! That’s almost nearly the 200th Issue! We expect the 200th Issue of the Newspaper tyo be released somewhere near the fall.Here is what’s inside the new Club Penguin newspaper:

Okay! Today is the 15th Day of 101 Days of Fun!Today is June 18th and here is Todays Club Penguin 101 days of fun objective! Check out the Igloo Contest Winners in the Paper! Buy some furniture from the catalog in the Ninja hideout & recreate your favourite in your own igloo!

Also,Today the Winners for the Club Penguin Igloo contest were announced.The winners of the Igloo Contest are:

  1. Blue ise
  2. Codemommy
  3. Freeze the 1
  4. Glaceon614
  5. Han solo 8
  6. loulou
  7. Emzee
  8. manaphy1997
  9. Sasky97
  10. Stinkyman 10
  11. Ughabug

Those were all the Main Winners of the Contest.My Favourite Igloo out of the Igloo contest was probably “Han solo 8 “Here Igloo was amazing! She did a great job and she tought of the Plants! Great think han Congradulations! you can see her Igloo in the Picture below

Also,Since the Adventure party ended,Club Penguin have moved all of the Plants to the “Storage” Too see these Plantsa go into the Box Dimension and they will be there! Do you think Club Penguin will store all of their Parties from the Past in there?Let me know by leaving a comment!

Well Guy’s there is not much more to say,so here are the Upcoming events going Until june 26th

  • June 26th = A Dj3K Update and New Igloo Music
  • June 19th = New Better Igloos Catalog
  • June 18th = New Hidden Pin

Well Guy’s that’s all for the Club Penguin Cheats!

~Clone 787

New Club Penguin Series 3 Treasure Book Spoilers cheats and Updates

Hey Everyone!!

Yesterday,Club Penguin released a new Treasure Book.This is the 3rd treasure book released and It has lots of new Exclusive Item’s and Cheats! This treasure book has Items from back in 2006 such as the “Tan cowboy hat,Head band” ETC.Here are the Cheats for the new series #3 Treasure Book

How to find the Bee costume:

  1. Go to the 5th Page of the Book.
  2. Click the tree at the Bottom

In this swf You can look through the Treasure Book.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

What do you think of this new Treasure Book?What do you rate it out of 10? Tell me by leaving a Comment! Also,I want to thank every single one of your views guys! my views have sky-rocketed compared to 2008 Look at these averages!

 Thanks guys! ~Clone 787

Club Penguin June – July Clothing Catalog cheats & secrets

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry this is the 1st time I posted in ages,I was on holidays,Anyways,Here are tall the Club Penguin Cheats and Secrets for this months Club Penguin Clothing Catalog.Here is the Cover of the Catalog:

Canteen Cheat:Go to “Page 2” of the Club Penguin Clothing Catalog.Click on the Rock at the lower left corner

Crystal staff cheat:Go to Page “4” and Click on the Shadow near the top left Corner

Woodsman Hat Cheat:Ok.Stay on the same page then,Click on the window to the right and you will get the “Woodsman” hat

Blue Dragon Costume Cheat:Go to Page 5 and Click on the Dragon shadow near the right in the Background

Black Graduation Cap:Click on the Cup on the table to get the Black graduation Cap

Viking Helmet:Go to the clearence page (2nd clearence page) click on the  dark shadow piece betwwen the 2 spotlights

Open and close x4 times for the Blue one

New Club penguin newspaper

RockHoppers plants are spreading quickly around the Club Penguin Island,and Club p0enguin say that RockHoppers plants will have reached all the Rooms of Club Penguin and Club Penguin will have a Party to Celebrate that the plants have spreaded to all the rooms around the Island.

Also Toda,From here June the 4Th until about the Middle of September,Club Penguin will be having a Special event.Club Penguin call this Special event “101 Days of Fun” And today we have to “Dress blue,Wear the Ice-Cream Apron and Get 25 Penguins leading to the Pin”

Also starting since I think since Monday,You were able to Decorate your Igloo and Enter It in the Ninja Igloo decorating Contest,But well its only for Members and I’m a non-member,so I can’t enter 😦

Well for the events,Check the Newspaper.Tomorrow there’s a new Clothing Catalog.That’s all for now Guys bye

Clone is Back!

Hey Everyone!!

I’m back from my school tour and I went to Holland!!!!! It was the best fun ever!!!!!!!!  We went to Eftelling a Really cool theme park and for anyone who went there before,I went on the pyhtton Sorry,I can’t spell it 😆 Anyways,I went on it three times.Here is a schedule of what i done on Monday

  1. 7:00 AM =Get out of bed
  2. 8:00 am =Break feast
  3. 10:00 am = Back up to our rooms (I got shaving cream and shot it out the window :lol:)
  4. 12:00 am = go down town for shopping
  5. 2:00 pm = Lunch time
  6. Back up to our rooms (Trust me,You don’t wanna know what happened up there :lol:)
  7. 7:00 pm = Out for dinner in the same hotel
  8. 8:15 pm = 😉 (Whoever guesses the Wink will be given a prize)
  9. 10:00 pm = karaoke
  10. 1:15 pm = Gone to bed
  11. 2:00 pm = Messing in other peoples rooms (Which we shouldn’t have)
  12. 2:30 pm had a store stomach from laughing to much
  13. 3:00 pm Talking out the window (If anyone guesses what I said They will get to work here on this site)
  14. 3:10 pm =Sneaking down to the Girls room
  15. 3:11 pm = Me and Benbo101 (A former Worker here) raced up the stairs because our teacher was down there and when i got to the middle of the stairs,Benbo101 fell down them hahahahaha
  16. 3:30 pm = listening to people getting in trouble hahahaha
  17. 4:00 pm = Still messing (The girls came up and saw me in my only boxers and a t-shirt lol 😆 )
  18. 4:30 pm = Went back in to my room
  19. 5:00 pm = Fall asleep (M y alarm went off 2 hours later lol )

And that was truly the best 5 days of my life!!!!! 😀 I will start posting the Club Penguin Cheats Later!


~Clone 787

Club Penguin Toys update

Hey Everyone!!

Dorian1453 told me to go The Club Penguin “Toys” section of their Site and it has Updated with Around 10 New Club Penguin Mix ‘n’ Match figures These Mix ‘n’ Match Figures include these Figures:

  • Gary
  • Gary’s Robot
  • Mummy
  • Pajama Bunny slipper Girl
  • Pharaoh
  • Rookie
  • Secret Agent
  • Snow Boarder
  • Scuba Diver

This image below shows The New Club Penguin toys That are in the “Toys” section of the Club Penguin website

I hope you enjoy these Club Penguin Toys! But,Be careful,as some of them don’t Come with a Coin Code to Unlock Item’s Online,speaking of wich,You are now Able to Unlcok More item’s online Because Club Penguin added 2 New Book’s to the “I have a Book option” where you Unlock item’s Online

Well guy’s,That’s all for The Club Penguin Updates!