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Club Penguin June – July Clothing Catalog cheats & secrets

Hey Everyone!!

Sorry this is the 1st time I posted in ages,I was on holidays,Anyways,Here are tall the Club Penguin Cheats and Secrets for this months Club Penguin Clothing Catalog.Here is the Cover of the Catalog:

Canteen Cheat:Go to “Page 2” of the Club Penguin Clothing Catalog.Click on the Rock at the lower left corner

Crystal staff cheat:Go to Page “4” and Click on the Shadow near the top left Corner

Woodsman Hat Cheat:Ok.Stay on the same page then,Click on the window to the right and you will get the “Woodsman” hat

Blue Dragon Costume Cheat:Go to Page 5 and Click on the Dragon shadow near the right in the Background

Black Graduation Cap:Click on the Cup on the table to get the Black graduation Cap

Viking Helmet:Go to the clearence page (2nd clearence page) click on the  dark shadow piece betwwen the 2 spotlights

Open and close x4 times for the Blue one


Club penguin cheats :white puffle party

If you log onto Club Penguin you’ll see that the Puffle Party must be extended for Rockhopper’s visit :clone with the pink puffle's So while the party’s still on,make sure to get your puffle bandana at the cove free bandana at the cove :D  I actually only got it now :O

That’s it for club penguin cheats !

club penguin sports catalog and paint by letter’s

Hello Penguins!

You guys had some awesome guesses on Wednesday’s post about the new items in the Snow and Sports catalog. Check them out today (you’ll find the catalog inside the Sport Shop), and let us know what you think. We want to know all the ways that you and your friends are going to show your creativity in Club Penguin with the new gear!

In other news: Every week a new poll comes out on the Club Penguin website in the community section. This week it’s about some of the Stage plays. Check it out!

Until then…Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Paint by letter’s isn’t released yet.keep checking back for the cheats for it.

That’s it for club penguin cheats !

Club penguin treasure book

Hey everyone

I only noticed now that you can see the treasure book for series 2 Click here to see it You can get really old item’s from the past if you have a coin code.Here are the exclusives for itexclusive-items-for-club-penguin-cheats If someone ever donates 2 coin code’s to this site I’ll give them something big in return ~Clone