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Club penguin mission cheats

1.Case of the missing puffle’s

1.Talk to aunt arctic.

2.Go to the ice-rink and get picture’s of a green puffle

3.Go back to aunt arctic and give her the picture’s of the puffle

4.Go to the pet shop and on one of the kennel’s there’s a note on it,pick the note up.

5.Work out the number using the code’s and tell G your answer by going to the sport shop

6.Go to the HQ grab the life ring and throw it to the penguin’s at the ice-berg

7.Go to the mountain take out your spyphone take out your wrench then fix the telescope

8.Point the telescope at the tallest mountain and you’ll see a green puffle flying around

9.Go the sportshop grab the hook then go to the mountain take out the hook and throw it to the mountain

10.you’ll see the puffle’s then bring them back to aunt arctic

More coming later on that’s just 1


 Mission 10 “Waddle Squad”

.Talk to gary (before you leave grab the solar panel near gary to the right)
2.Go to the beach.
3.Talk to jet pack guy.
4.Go inside the lighthouse and pick the empty barrel
5.Go outside and talk to jet pack guy
6.divide the cream soda into 2 containers each holding 4 unit’s.
7.Go to the dock and get the rope of the penguin
8.Go to the night club and put the rope on the lever thing.
9.Remove the panel on the box.
10.Fix it,it should look like this:panel Click to enlarge for better quality.

11.Go to the giftshop.
12.Talk to the manager and take the table outside.
13.Place the table like in this image here:to-here

14.Go back into the gift shop talk to rookie,then connect the solar pannel to cable (Get the solar pannel at the hq near gary)

15.Connect the cable thing’s together it should look like this in the endlook-like

16.answer your spyphone it should ring.

17.Go to the dock.
18.your spyphone should ring again answer it then go to the night club.
19.Take out your scissors and cut the wire.
20.Rookie and jet pack guy should come in.
21.move all the light’s on the solar panel
22.You catch herbert!
23.keep talking to herbert and gary etc you know what to do.

24.You win the mission!


You get a medal for capturing herbert!look2


That’s all the cheat’s for club penguin mission 10! video guide coming soon!


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  1. my dads going to get me a membership he says he will think and give me one and its a 6 month membership yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy



  4. i wonder how do you do the 2 cups and the 4 units of cream soda?

  5. hey on waddle squad u didnt catch herbet becuz he took rookies spy phone and escaped u didnt capture thought

  6. hi wat r the other missions

  7. ive finished all of them!

  8. could u give me the walk threw of “clock work repairs”

  9. on club penguin? no, unless you find a cheat, wich is really hard to do, but otherwise, you cant(i wish you could though! 😆

  10. can i become a member for free?

  11. hey,how to be a member for free?

  12. Clone787,Dorian1453 and Agent15642,you guys rock!!!

  13. I want to be a member my penguin is 1013 years old i sware and i cant bre a member because my mom says its to expensive=(

  14. well thats a problem, can u talk her into u using ur money?im a member.its not much money at all!im usin mi money

  15. i want to be membership for free !!!!
    but i can’t
    my mother dosen’t want me to be a member becouse i have to buy it
    my time acouwnt is 943 day and wouldn’t have a member yet

    and i like you to tell club penguin to let as be a member for free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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