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Drigerbests Coloring Pages

Hey guys, Ive recently decided to make Coloring Pages for this site. You can print them out or copy them into Paint or Photoshop and start coloring. As time goes by, I will add more to the collection for you fans out there.

How do I view the Coloring Page?

You click the Image below and it will take you to a place with a Bigger Size of the Coloring page. From there you could click CTRL-P and Print it or you can Right Click and Copy it into Paint to color.

Advantages for coloring my Pages:

  1. You can submit the finished page to my site.
  2. To do this, you can go to Tinypic and get the link from there.
  3. Or you could scan or take a photo of the finished page, and then upload the picture to Tinypic and get the link.
  4. Or you could send the picture to limitedgenius@live.co.uk
  5. If you want to give me the link to the picture, you can comment it and I will post it on this Page for everyone to see. (I will give full credit to the creators of the page)

Click to Enlarge Coloring Page

Here is Toasty’s finished page! Thanks Toasty for spending your time coloring it in.

20 Responses

  1. I like the coloring page.
    It is cool and adorable.

  2. are they ant thing new

  3. please talk to me at my email address (bruin16@gmail.com) please talk to me i’m bored. text me at 5989192 cool site ur asowme dude. i always come here 4 the latest cheats on clubpenguin. u have the best site ever

  4. i think its bad!!!

  5. Nice Site

  6. hmm? any new pics?

  7. omg im hyper help

  8. dude im so tired and i have school lol

  9. dude nice its cool
    and dude u rock

  10. Hey, Nice Site! Please Visit Mine at http://www.cpsalty2.wordpress.com! Thanks! =)

    -Staly Vegas-

  11. nice coloring

  12. These pages are awsome (i posted a few and they say i got comments how do i read em’)?


  13. Heyy!! I just wanna know where The catoulog cheats and seacret items are!! plz tell me im sure other ppl do right!!???

  14. go to my site plz

  15. hey who is the winner for the toy code or i meanc oinc ode serries 4 coin code comp??

  16. thanks drigerbest for putting my pic on here hey chek ur coin code contest i posted my real contest picture

  17. hey drigerbest im so thankfull hey did u chek the coin code pic that i made?

  18. Aw that looks so cool. I just printed 4 pages of them. I colored them and they look so cool. Peace, alyak88

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