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Elite Penguin Force Game Cheats

This Is a Page For anyone Who owns the Club Penguin Game “Elite Penguin Force” Here on this Page,You will find a lot of things,These things include Tips,Tricks,Walk trough’s,And More! When you Buy The Game “Elite Penguin Force” Go The I have a Code Section And there should be a Code There and Enter It In to the Section So you Can Unlock

  • A Spy Phone (If you’re younger than 30 days and haven’t Gotten the Spy phone yet,You’ll get It)
  • A Certificate (To certify you as an Elite Penguin Force Agent)
  • 1500 Coins (1500 Penguin Coins to buy Any Gear from the Spy Catalog or Clothing Catalogs or anything 😀 )

Mission Guides

Mission 1

  1. Start the mission by talking to Aunt Arctic. Go to the Coffee Shop.
  2. Scroll to the left and click on the newspaper.
  3. Click out of the newspaper and click on the blue puffle that will appear. Collect the piece of paper that is bouncing over his head.
  4. Talk to the Coffee Shop penguin. Go to the Snow Forts.
  5. Click on the snowman to get another piece of paper.
  6. Scroll to the right and click on the blue penguin.
  7. He will say his hat is stuck on the Clock Tower. Click on the blue puffle and using the aim, aim it at the target on the clock.
  8. Pick up the pink hat. Give it to him. Get the disguise glasses from him.
  9. Go to the Plaza and click on the mailbox. You will get another piece of paper.
  10. Go to the Dock and click on the tubes for another piece of paper. Put the pieces of paper to form a map.
  11. Go to the Beach then into the Lighthouse. Click on the barrel on your right and D (a.k.a. Dot) will appear from it!
  12. Talk to Dot and she will give you a map to Club Penguin.  Go to the Dojo and talk to Dot.

Mission 2

  1. Firstly, speak to Dot. She will hand you the puffle pin.
  2. With the puffle pin, click the wall with the two boards.
  3. Now, spin the puffle pin and make sure it fits the puffle at the bottom, and you will be in a new room.
  4. Speak to the Director, and speak to the penguin with the Red Puffle, called Blast.
  5. Click Blast, and aim at the box beside.
  6. Speak to PH, and you will have a puffle whistle!
  7. Head to the Ski Village, and speak to Dot.
  8. Head to the Sports Shop, and speak to Dot.
  9. Click the first curtain, and speak to Dot in the HQ.
  10. Click on the closet and enter the code 3000, and talk to the Director and Dot.
  11. Use the two blue items to make a spy gadget. Use Blast to open the box on the left.
  12. Drag the telescope to your spy gadget in the inventory.
  13. Click your spy gadget, and select the symbol beside the ‘HQ’ sign. There will be a code, which reads ‘ Red Blue Blue Red Red Blue’.
  14. Enter this code after opening the box, to obtain the satellite.
  15. Drag this to the spy gadget, and talk to Dot, and then the director.

 Mision 3

  1. Speak to Dot.
  2.  Head over to the Ski Lodge.
  3. There will be an ill penguin. Speak to him.
  4. Next, pick up the soup below the table in the middle.
  5.  Head back to the Ski Lodge.
  6. Give the soup to the ill penguin, speak to him and he will give you a red snowboard as a reward.
  7. Place the snowboard in your inventory by opening the red suitcase.
  8. Then head to the Ski Hill and speak to the penguin with the blue snowboard.
  9. Challenge him to a snowboarding race. Beat him, and obtain 4000 points together with a trophy.
  10. Head back to the Ski Lodge, and speak to the ill penguin once again.
  11.  After that, head back to the Ski Hill and snowboard more.
  12. At the Ski Hill, follow the footprints, which lead you to Rookie’s Campsite.
  13.  There will be a blue puffle called Bouncer, aim at the bonfire, to put it out.
  14.  Next, follow the footprints to the river.
  15. Speak to Rookie and call Dot on your Spy Phone, and you will be rescued by some people sent by Dot.
  16.  Finally, click on the glasses and the EPF Badge

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  1. its on the ds game not on computer

  2. club penguin is FUN! (Thanks)

  3. this is awsomeeeeeeeeeee

  4. do you get banned if you show the skull if you are a secret agent?


  6. I like your website very much. Will read all. Keep up to great writing on it. Thanks

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  8. what about mission 4

  9. Do you know how to beat leavl 12 clubpenguin ds?

  10. how do you know witch mission it is and whos dot?

  11. i;v never herd of these mishons

  12. well those cheats are right but its for the clubpenguin game for the ds i have it

  13. how does the chets work

  14. where are the rest of the missions?? hello i need them too?? can you please upload them!!!

  15. well i beat that game and its easy

  16. im up to the mission to find g wat do i do?

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  18. I have the game ❤

  19. i can’t figer out how to finish level 9 for secrt missons

  20. i was wondering if you could put clothing catalog cheats?if you do can you show me?

  21. i knew all the missions but thanks


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  24. dear club penguin you lyid to me the cheats dont work!!!

  25. i cant get to the coffee shop on mission one how can i then if i cant get on to it.

  26. hi you are so awsome and kool

  27. un happy person cool it! 😉



  30. my b days coming yay!

  31. i had the game on my computer but it had problems by b days coming so ill get it on my ds

  32. I have this game!

  33. I finished all 13 missions a day after Christmas!

  34. I love that game on my DS!! 😀



  36. Clone787,Dorian1453 and Agent15642,you guys rock!!!

  37. again
    i know all the missions

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